Pomeranian lion cut

Pomeranian Lion Cut (Quick Facts)

You may have heard of a Pomeranian Lion cut and want to know more or if you should have your Pomeranians fur cut to look like a lion.

In this article, I explain exactly what a lion cut is and why you should never have your Pomeranains fur cut to look like a lion.

The Pomeranian lion cut gives the dog a similar appearance as a lion, with a tightly shaved body, large fluffy mane and end of tail tuft of fur. Although, adorable in appearance it is extremely frowned upon.

What Is A Pomeranian Lion Cut

When a Pomeranians fur is cut into a lion cut the goal for the little Pomeranian to look similar to a male lion.

The majority of the Pomeranians body will be shaved right down to the skin.

A Pomeranians neck and chest fur will be left long giving it the appearance that it has a long and full lions mane.

A small amount of fur is also left at the end of the Pomeranians tail.

Are Lion Cuts Bad For Pomeranians

Lion cuts are very bad for Pomeranians since, it cuts away all of the dogs fur on the majority of it’s body.

Pomeranians are meant to have full double coats of fur.

Beyond the beautiful fluffy appearance, a Pomeranians coat healps regulate their body temperature and protects them from the elements.

Since having a big fluffy coat is natural for Pomeranians, it is not uncommon for it to negatively affect a dogs self esteem, ego and mental state.

In additon to elimating a Pomeranians protection from the elements, and negatively impacting a dogs mental state, cutting into the undercoat of a Pomeranians coat can damage it for life.

Once the inner coat has been trimmed, cut or shaved it may never grow back as it was before.

The dogs fur may become patchy.

Should I Give My Pomeranian A Lion Cut

I strongly reccomend that you don’t give your Pomeranian a lion cut due to the reasons noted above.

Permenant damage can be done to a Pomeranians coat if it is cut or shaved.

Should you give your Pomeranian a lion cut

Is A Pomeranian Lion Cut Low Maintenance

Many people beleive having your fluffy dogs fur cut short will be lower maintenance that maintaining it’s natural long fluffy coat.

This is untrue.

Maintaining any Pomeranian haircut, especially the lion cut is much more maintenance than caring for a Pomeranians natural coat.

A lion cut will need to be cut and trimmed to give it a refresh every two to three weeks.

When a Pomeranians fur is left to it’s natural state it will only need to be brushed once a week and bathed as needed.

How Do You Do A Lion Cut On A Pomeranian

I don’t reccomend having your Pomeranians coat cut into a lion cut at all and especially not in a do it yourself situation.

I’m providing the steps on how a lion cut is created for informational purposes only, giving a rough idea of the steps followed during this grooming process.

  1. Gather supplies, brushes, combs, clipper, trimmers
  2. Throughly brush the dogs fur
  3. Figure out and set the line for the dogs mane
  4. Set the dogs tail
  5. Shave the body
  6. Trim around the ears
  7. Trim around the face
  8. Trim the dogs tail

A lion cut is extremely high maintence and requires trimming every two to three weeks.

Why Do Pomeranians Get Haircuts

At some point, someone decided it was a good idea to give Pomeranians haircuts.

There are a variety of reasons why someone may cut or shave a Pomeranian including.

  • Matting- Pomeranians can get mats that usually need to be cut off.
  • Breeding- Some breeders trim of shave a Pomeranian to prepare for breeding.

Beyond matting and breeding purposes people have started to shave and give Pomeranian haircuts because they think they look cute.

Many people will see adorable pictures of Pomeranians with haircuts like the famous Pomeranian Boo and have no idea the ramifications of such haircuts.

Once, you’ve cut or trimmed your Pomeranians coat significantly, it’s hard to go back to its natural fluffy coat.

What Is A Boo Haircut?

Is It Ok To Trim Your Pomeranian

Trimming Pomeranians for a clean and neat appearance in the show ring is common practice but, does not need to be done for your pet Pomeranian.

You will need to trim your Pomeranians nails and trim the occasional mat but, I don’t suggest giving your Pomeranian a haircut beyond that.

While preparing for dog shows handlers will often do the following.

  • Nails and excess hair around the pads of the feet will be trimmed
  • Excess “unruley” hair trimmed from the back of the legs
  • Tail clean up trim if needed
  • Sanitary trim
  • Only untidy hairs are trimmed from the fluffy coat

Why Do Some Dogs Get Hair Cuts

Dog breeds can have a variety of different coats with some having a single layer of hair and others like our Pomeranian with fluffy double coats.

Breeds like Poodles, Maltese, and Yorkshire Terriers have a single layer of hair that experiences a much longer growth period.

Their hair can be trimmed, shaved, or cut without damage and regrow just as it normally would.

Pomeranians and other spitzes like Siberian Huskies and Norwegian Elkhounds have a thick double coat of fur that consist of a dense undercoat and longer more textured outercoat that are meant to protect them from the elements.

The inner coats of double-coated dogs should never be cut or trimmed. Due to its purpose and growing cycle that layer of fur can be damaged forever.

Do Pomeranians Have Hair Or Fur?

What is a pomeranian lion cut

Are There Other Pomeranian Haircuts

The lion cut is not the only haircut that is used on Pomeranians.

There are nine common Pomeranian haircuts including the teddy bear, fox cut, kennel cut, show trim and puppy cut.

What Are The Different Pomeranian Haircut Styles?

Final Thoughts

The lion cut may have seemed like a good idea at one point.

You can’t deny that giving a Pomeranian a lion cut, that they do look like minatuire lions especially if they are cream or orange in color.

Regardless if it looks cute or not, it is not a good thing to do and can be life altering for your Pomeranian.

If your Pomeranian has already received a lion cut in the past and you would like their fur to grow back, you can make sure that you are feeding you dog the best food possible and brush them often.

It’s completely out of your control at this point but, making sure your dog is receiving the best food and nutrients possible will ensure that he or she is as healthy as can be.

What Is A Teddy Bear Pomeranian?

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