Pomeranian Nose Colors

Pomeranian Nose Colors (Explained)

Pomeranians can come in a wide variety of coat colors and combinations but, what colors can a Pomeranian’s nose be?

A Pomeranian’s nose can range from black to blue with six total colors and multiple combinations. The most common nose color for the Pomeranian is black with lavender being the rarest. You may also notice your Pomeranian’s nose changing color.

What Are The Pomeranian Nose Colors

A Pomeranian’s nose can come in a wide variety of colors that genetically complement the 26 different coat variations that you will find in Pomeranians.

A Pomeranian could have any of the following nose colors.

  • Black
  • Chocolate
  • Blue
  • Lavender
  • Beaver
  • Parti

When Will A Pomeranian Have A Black Nose

Pomeranians that are black or have a base of “black Pomeranian” genetics will have a black nose.

You will notice black noses in some Pomeranians with light coats as well like white and cream.

These light-coated dogs are actually “black dogs” with additional genetics that make their fur the light color that it is.

When Will A Pomeranian Have A Chocolate Nose

Chocolate-colored noses are the second most common nose color found in Pomeranians.

The chocolate nose can vary drastically from a deep and dark almost black chocolate nose to a light almost pink nose.

The chocolate nose can almost appear to change color sometimes as well.

Dogs with chocolate genetics including the parti pattern can have chocolate noses.

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When Will A Pomeranian Have A Blue Nose

A blue can be a misleading coat and nose color because it isn’t blue but more of a grey tone.

A Blue Pomeranian is a black Pomeranian with diluted genetics.

You will find blue Pomeranians with blue noses and any other Pomeranian that has blue genetics.

When Will A Pomeranian Have A Lavender Nose

The Lavender Pomeranian is very rare.

Lavender is another misleading coat and nose color, it isn’t purple.

Instead lavender is a diluted beaver color.

You will most likely only find lavender noses in lavender Pomeranians.

When Can A Pomeranian Have A Beaver Colored Nose

The beaver coat and nose color are a dilution of chocolate Pomeranian genetics.

You may have heard of other dog breeds being described as having liver coloring, with Pomeranians it’s called beaver.

Dogs with a beaver-colored nose will also have a beaver-colored coat with the same color eyelids, lips, and paw pads.

A beaver-colored nose can range from a very light pink color to almost chocolate.

When Will Pomeranians Have Parti-Colored Noses

Parti-colored noses, or noses with more than one color are rare but, completely possible.

Certain genetics can cause two colored noses, Merle genetic and parti with white can often result in two colored parti noses in Pomeranians.

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Are All Pomeranian Nose Colors Accepted By The AKC

Only four Pomeranian nose colors are officially acceptable according to the AKC Standards.

  • Black
  • Chocolate
  • Beaver
  • Blue

What Is A Self Colored Nose

Pomeranians with specific coat colors like chocolate, blue, beaver, and lavender will have the same colored points or noses, eyelids, lips, and paw pads.

What Colors Do Pomeranians Come In?

What Is The Most Common Nose Color In Pomeranians

The beautiful deep black nose is the most common nose color found in Pomeranians.

What Is The Rarest Nose Color For Pomeranians

The lavender Pomeranian is one of the rarest coat colors making a lavender-colored nose one of the rarest colors to find.

Pomeranian Nose Colors

What Color Noses Do Pomeranian Puppies Have

Pomeranian puppies can be born with pink, black chocolate brown, beaver, or blue noses.

Can A Pomeranians Nose Change Color

A Pomeranian’s nose can change color especially when they are puppies.

If your Pomeranian puppy is born with a pink nose there is a big chance that it will change to another color before the puppy is fully grown.

Can Pomeranians Have Multi-Color Noses

Some Pomeranians can have multi-colored noses depending on their specific genetic background.

What Is A Spotted Nose Pomeranian

Pomeranians can have spotted noses.

If your Pomeranian has merle genetics it can have a spotted nose.

The merle gene naturally causes spots or splatters of color and pattern making it completely possible for this pattern to end up on your Pomeranian’s nose.

Why Do Some Pomeranians Have Pink Noses

The Pomeranian’s genetics will determine the color of its nose.

If your Pomeranian has a pink nose it’s either a young puppy or has a light beaver or chocolate-colored nose.

Is It Bad When A Dog Has A Pink Nose

It is completely normal for many dogs to have pink noses.

If your dog has a pink nose, it is not a sign of any concerns.

Final Thoughts

I love how a Pomeranian’s nose color can be just as unique as the Pomeranian itself.

I have a range of nose colors with my fluffy Pomeranians.

Willows is of course a deep black color just like her fur, Duke has a chocolate nose to match his chocolate and white coat.

Murphy our Cream Pomeranian has the most unique nose in the bunch.

His dad was a Chocolate Pomeranian and his mom was a Black and Tan Pomeranian.

Murphy has what appears as a black nose but, at times can develop a lighter portion that appears more like a pinky-brown color.

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