Pomeranian History & Origin

Pomeranian Origin And History (Explained)

Pomeranians have an interesting origin that includes royalty and a trip on the Titanic.

In this article, I highlight all of the most interesting and key factors of Pomeranian origin and history.

Where Did Pomeranians Come From

Pomeranians originate from an area in Europe once known as Pomerania.

This area is now known as Northern Poland and Germany along the Baltic Sea.

Documentation of the breed didn’t officially happen until the breed was brought to the United Kingdom.

How Did Pomeranians Get Their Name

Pomeranians received their name from the Pomerania region which they come from.

Where Pomeranians Always Called Pomeranians

Pomeranians were not always referred to as Pomeranians, during some periods of time and in some locations Pomeranians were called German Spitz, Spitz, Wolf Dog and Zergerspitz among many others.

When Was The First Pomeranian Discovered

The earliest recorded record of a Pomeranian being referred to as a Pomeranian was a diary entry by James Boswell referencing a Pomeranian dog named “Pomer”.

What Did Pomeranians Use To Look Like

Pomeranians used to be much larger in size, which was also a lot more fit for their lifestyle and the work they used to do.

Pomeranians used to be up to 50 lbs with a similar appearance to a Samoyed.

Did Pomeranians Always Have Some Many Coat Colors

Pomeranians now have 26 different coat colors and patterns but, they haven’t always had this many variations.

The original Pomeranian coat colors were white and black.

What Colors Do Pomeranians Come In (Color Guide)

Pomeranians are included in a group of dogs referred to as Spitz.

Dogs in the Spitz category have a similar look, stature, and history.

The majority of the dogs come from the same cold strict regions and have double coats of fur and a curly tail that curls up onto their backs.

Some spitz breeds include Sibrian Husky, Alaskan Malamute, Keeshond, and Samoyed.

Pomeranian history & Origin

What Were Pomeranians Bred For

Pomeranians were bred for various things including herding, protecting livestock, guarding, and pulling sleds.

Were Pomeranians Ever Sled Dogs

Pomeranains used to be sled dogs although it can be hard to picture due, to today’s petite stature.

Were Pomeranians Hunting Dogs

Pomeranains were also used occasionally on hunting trips with their owner although, they played a bigger part in protecting the livestock at home.

Have Pomeranians Always Been Companions

Pomeranians have not always been the companions that they are today.

Many dogs are decedents of wild wolves that became domesticated throughout the years.

It wasn’t until humans and canines formed a bond and relationship that they became companions as well.

Are Pomeranians Descendants From Wolves

How Did The Pomeranian Breed Start

Pomeranians originated from a region known as Pomerania in Northern Poland and Germany near the Baltic Sea.

Originally a much larger dog in stature, Pomeranians were bred for protection, guarding, and pulling sleds.

During the 1700s Pomeranians made their first appearance in England and become well known due to the attention they received from royalty.

The Pomeranian breed didn’t make its first appearance in the United States until the late 1800s.

Is The Pomeranian A Royal Breed

Pomeranians are well known today due to the history and fame that the breed received by being loved by many royals including Queen Charlotte, King George III, and Queen Victoria.

Queen Victoria loved her Pomeranians and is the reason the breed got its small stature.

The Queen desired a much small dog that could sit on your lap.

Queen Victoria developed her own breeding program that contributed to the recognition that the breed has today.

With award-winning Pomeranians, the Queen had one of the biggest impacts on the Pomeranian breed as we know it.

Pomeranians In England

It was Queen Charlotte that brought Pomeranians from Pomerania to England in the 1700s.

In 1761 Queen Charlotte married King George 111 and brought her Pomeranian dogs to England.

Due to the monarchy, the breed became more popular and well known.

In the late 1800s, the first English dog show was held in Manchester.

Pomeranians started winning dog shows making them more well known.

The Pomeranian Club was established in 1891.

At this point in time, the coat colors started to include more colors beyond the first black and white coat colors including orange, chocolate, blue, and patterns like sable.

Where There Any Pomeranians On The Titanic

There were only three dogs that survived the Titanic and two of them were Pomeranians.

A Pomeranian named Lady was brought on a lifeboat by her owner Margaret Bechstein Hays.

The other Pomeranian was hidden by Jane Rothschild and wasn’t discovered until they were rescued by the Carpathia.

Movies With Pomeranians In Them

Pomeranians In The United States

Pomeranians were first introduced to the United States in the late 1800s.

The American Kennel Club didn’t recognize the breed until 1900.

The same year American Pomeranian Club was formed.

1911 was the first year a Pomeranian Breed Show was created with over 138 Pomeranians attending.

The most popular coat colors during this time included white, chocolate, and blue.

Pomeranians made their first appearance at Westminster in the early 1920s.

Pomeranians have shot from being unknown to one of the top 20 dog breeds listed in the American Kennel Club.

Once you have met a Pomeranian it doesn’t take you long to figure out why.

With an adorable appearance that consists of small stature and long fluffy fur, and big personalities.

Pomeranians are wonderful companions that adore their owners, they can be great friends.

Where Are Pomeranians Most Popular?

Final Thoughts

It’s always fun to learn about the history of dog breeds, they all have their own story.

It can be hard to picture our small and lovable little Pomeranians of today as much larger working dogs than they were in the past.

It’s incredible that within a couple of hundred years Pomeranians have gone from completely unknown to one of the most popular dog breeds in the world.

From simple and humble beginnings to celebrity status Pomeranians are special and are sure to change your life if you happen to have one in your family.

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