Pomeranian pit bull mix

Pomeranian Pit Bull Mix (Quick Facts)

Pomeranians and Pit Bulls are both very popular dogs on their own, is it possible to mix a Pomeranian with a Pit Bull?

Can A Pit Bull Mix With A Pomeranian

It is nearly impossible for natural breeding between a Pomeranian and a Pit Bull due to the massive size difference between the breeds.

Many of the new mixed or designer breeds are bred intentionally using artificial insemination.

The mother will always need to be the larger breed being the Pit Bull in this case with the father being the Pomeranian.

A small Pomeranian would not survive carrying a litter of Pomeranian Pit Bull Puppies.

As is, Pomeranians have a very difficult time with pregnancy and the birth process.

What Is A Pomeranain Mixed With A Pit Bull Called

At this time there isn’t a fancy name for the Pomeranian Pit Bull mix.

The Pomeranians and Pit Bull will often go by the abbreviated name of a Pom Pit Bull.

What Does A Pit Bull Pomeranian Mix Look Like

It can be hard to determine what a Pomeranian Pit Bull mix puppy will look like since both breeds have drastically different appearances.

When you mix two very different dog breeds each puppy will be completely unique and show traits from each parent.

Overall Pomeranian Pit Bull mixes are small to medium-sized dogs with a variety of coats, facial and body features.

How Big Do Pit Bull Pomeranian Mixes Get

Pomeranian Pit Bull mixes usually grow to around 8 to 18 inches tall and 7 to 25 pounds.

PomeranianPom Pit BullPitbull
6-7 inches tall8-18 inches tall17-19 inches tall
3-7 pounds7-25 pounds30-85 pounds

What Does A Pomeranain Pit Bulls Coat Look Like

Pomeranians and Pit Bulls have drastically different style coats.

A Pomeranian has one of the fluffiest double coats among dogs whereas the pit bull has a very short single layer coat that is very coarse.

A Pit Bull Pomeranian mix can have any variation or combination of the two coats.

PomeranianPom Pit BullPit Bull
double coatsingle-double-combosingle coat
long & fluffycombinationshort & coarse

What Color Fur Does A Pomeranian Pit Bull Have

Pit Bulls and Pomeranians both come in a larger number of fur colors.

Pit Bulls have twenty-three different colors with Pomeranians having twenty-six coat colors.

With such a large number of coat color possibilities, a Pom Pit Bull can come in any color known to each breed as well as any combination of colors.

What Are The Body Features Of A Pomeranian Pit Bull Mix

Many Pomeranian Pit Bull Mixes will have a small sturdy body structure with a variety of head shapes and facial features.

Some puppies will have blocker heads similar to the Pit Bull whereas others may have more of a fox-like appearance like a Pomeranian.

What Is The Temperment Of A Pomeranian Pit Bull Mix

Pomeranains are known to be very loyal dogs that are very attached to their owners.

These little dogs are known for their big personalities, they often do not know how small they actually are.

Pit Bulls on the other hand have a bad reputation for their temperament.

Many Pit Bulls are wonderful dogs but, it is hard to escape the fact that the majority of dog attacks involve a pit bull.

What is a Pomeranian Pit Bull Mix

Are Pomeranian Pit Bulls Friendly

It will depend on each individual dog but, you can expect most Pomeranian Pit Bulls to be friendly.

Are Pomeranian Pit Bulls Aggressive

A lot of factors go into determining if a dog is aggressive or not regardless of the breed.

Pomeranians are not aggressive dogs overall whereas Pit Bulls have been known to be.

I would be cautious about any dog that is mixed with a breed that is known to be aggressive.

What Is It Like Having A Pomeranian Pit Bull Mix

Pit Bull Pomeranians are extremely rare making it hard to determine exactly what it is like to have one.

How Long Do Pomeranian Pit Bulls Live

Pomeranians and Pit Bulls have very similar life spans with an overall range of 8 to 15 years.

PomeranianPom Pit BullPit Bull
12 to 14 years8 to 15 years8 to 15 years

Are Pomeranian Pit Bulls Easy To Train

Pomeranians can be stubborn with short attention spans when training although, they are very intelligent.

Pit Bulls are eager to learn and do their best with confident training at a young age.

A Pom Pit Bull mix will do best when it receives early training that is done in short consistent sessions.

Do Pomeranian Pit Bulls Bark A Lot

Pomeranians are known to be barkers. T

They are very protective little watchdogs that are very vocal with their expression.

Pit Bulls are considered moderate barkers and are also very protective watchdogs.

You can expect a Pom Pit Bull to have a natural barking instinct that will need to train in order to not become a nuisance.

Do Pomeranian Pit Bulls Have A Lot Of Energy

Pomeranians are energetic but, they can easily burn off that energy in a small backyard within ten minutes.

They also enjoy a lot of napping and cuddling with their owners.

Pit Bulls on the other have been known to get a lot of pent-up energy that they need to burn off.

You can expect a Pom Pit Bull mix to have a lot of energy and require daily exercise.

Do Pomeranian Pit Bulls Get Bored

Both Pomeranians and Pit Bulls are known to get bored.

A Pom Pit Bull mix will require lots of toys and interaction to avoid boredom as well as destruction.

Can You Leave A Pomeranian Pit Bull At Home Alone

Pomeranians are known to suffer from separation anxiety.

Pit Bulls also do not enjoy being left home alone and can get bored easily.

It is best to never leave a Pomeranian, Pit Bull, or a Pom Pit Bull mix alone for longer than four hours at a time.

Are Pomeranian Pit Bulls Good WIth Families

This is a loaded question, Are Pomeranian Pit Bulls good with families?

Both breeds have their concerns when it comes to being suited for a family.

Pomeranians do not do well in homes with small children.

Pit Bulls are also known for not being well suited with children.

I would be very cautious about getting any of these breeds in a home with children.

How Much Do Pomeranian Pit Bulls Cost

Finding a Pomeranian Pit Bull puppy can be extremely difficult making it hard to determine a price range.

The price for a Pomeranian Pit Bull puppy will most often be based on the breeder’s discretion.

Where Can I Get A Pomeranian Pit Bull Mix

Pom Pit Bull puppies are not a common breed of dogs making it challenging to find a breeder or a puppy.

Should I Get A Pomeranian Pit Bull Mix

Due to the rareness of the mix between a Pomeranian and a Pit Bull, I suggest seeking out the purebred breed of each dog or another breed altogether.

Finial Thoughts

Pomeranian Pit Bulls seems like an odd pair, and it is.

In recent years it has become more popular to mix breeds and create completely different designer breeds.

The Pomeranian is often a popular choice for one-half of a designer breed due to its small stature and fluffy appearance.

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