Pomeranian weight chart

Pomeranian Weight Chart (Quick Facts)

Pomeranians are small “toy-sized” dogs but, they can vary greatly in size.

In this article, I provide a weight and growth chart to help you figure out how much your puppy should weigh at a specific point in time as well as a tracking guide to guestimate how big your Pomeranian puppy will get.

How Do You Determine The Weight Of A Pomeranian

When you take home your little fluffy Pomeranian puppy it can sometimes be hard to know how big your dog will get.

Pomeranians can vary so much in size from tiny teacups to big throwbacks, reminiscent of Pomeranians from the past.

Your Pomeranian’s full-grown size and weight will depend on a variety of things including your dog’s genetics, gender, and lifestyle.

You should get a good idea of how big your Pomeranian will end up if you look at your dog’s parents and compare their adult sizes.

How Much Should A Fully Grown Pomeranian Weigh

According to the standard, a full-grown Pomeranian should weigh between three and seven pounds.

There are many exceptions to this rule.

The standard is designed specifically for breeding with the intent to enter the dog into a dog show.

Show dogs are “more desirable” when they are within three to seven pounds.

Many Pomeranians that are bred as pets may be bigger due to different genetics.

I currently have three Pomeranians that weigh between five pounds and eleven pounds.

The smallest is the only one that could be considered a bit overweight.

When Do Pomeranians Stop Growing (Quick Facts)

Pomeranian Growth Chart

BIRTH WEIGHT2.5 oz3 oz3.5 oz4 oz4.5 oz5 oz5.5 oz6 oz6.5 oz
1 week3.75 oz5 oz5.5 oz6.5 oz8 oz9 oz9.5 oz10.25 oz11 oz
2 weeks5 oz6.5 oz9 oz11 oz12 oz 12.5 oz13.5 oz14.5 oz1 lb
3 weeks6 oz8 oz9 oz11 oz14 oz1 lb1.09 lb1.16 lb1.25 lb
4 weeks7 oz9 oz11 oz13 oz1.06 lb1.19 lb1.31 lb1.44 lb1.55 lb
5 weeks8 oz11 oz13 oz 15 oz1.22 lb1.37 lb1.5 lb1.62 lb1.81 lb
6 weeks9 oz12.5 oz15 oz1.09 lb1.38 lb1.5 lb1.69 lb1.88 lb2 lb
7 weeks10 oz14. 5 oz1.06 oz1.38 oz1.53 oz1.69 oz1.88 lb2.06 lb2.19 lb
8 weeks11 oz1 lb1.19 lb1.34 lb1.69 lb1.81 lb2.06 lb2.25 lb2.44 lb
9 weeks12 oz1.09 lb1.25 lb1.44 lb1.81 lb2 lb2.19 lb2.44 lb2.62 lb
10 weeks13 oz1.19 lb1.38 lb1.56 lb1.94 lb2.12 lb2.38 lb2.56 lb2.81 lb
11 weeks14 oz1.31 lb1.5 lb1.69 lb2.12 lb2.31 lb2.5 lb2.81 lb3.06 lb
12 weeks15 oz1.38 lb1.62 lb1.88 lb2.31 lb2.56 lb2.81 lb3.06 lb3.31 lb
13 weeks1 lb1.50 lb1.75 lb2 lb2.5 lb2.75 lb3.06 lb3.31 lb3.56 lb
14 weeks1.06 lb1.62 lb1.88 lb2.12 lb2.69 lb2.94 lb3.06 lb3.31 lb3.37 lb
15 weeks1.19 lb1.75 lb2 lb2.31 lb2.88 lb3.19 lb3.5 lb3.81 lb4.06 lb
16 weeks1.25 lb1.87 lb2.12 lb2.44 lb3.06 lb3.37 lb3.69 lb4.06 lb4.38 lb
17 weeks1.31 lb1.94 lb2.25 lb2.56 lb3.19 lb3.56 lb3.88 lb4.19 lb4.5 lb
18 weeks1.38 lb2.06 lb2.31 lb2.69 lb3.38 lb3.75 lb4.06 lb4.44 lb4.75 lb
19 weeks1.44 lb2.13 lb2.44 lb2.75 lb3.5 lb3.8 lb4.19 lb4.5 lb4.81 lb
20 weeks1.5 lb2.19 lb2.56 lb2.88 lb3.63 lb4 lb4.38 lb4.75 lb5.06 lb
21 weeks1.5 lb2.25 lb2.63 lb3 lb3.75 lb4.13 lb4.5 lb4.88 lb5.25 lb
22 weeks1.56 lb 2.31 lb2.69 lb3.06 lb3.87 lb4.25 lb4.63 lb5 lb5.38 lb
23 weeks1.63 lb2.38 lb2.75 lb3.13 lb4 lb4.38 lb4.75 lb5.13 lb5.5 lb
24 weeks1.63 lb2.44 lb2.81 lb3.18 lb4.06 lb4.44 lb4.88 lb5.25 lb5.63 lb
ADULT WEIGHT2 lbs3 lbs3.5 lbs4 lbs5 lbs5.5 lbs6lbs6.5 lbs7 lbs
Pomeranian weight chart

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How Much Should My Pomeranian Puppy Weigh

We mustn’t overfeed or underfeed a Pomeranian puppy.

The growth stages are extremely important and your puppy needs the perfect amount of fuel and nutrients.

How Big Will My Pomeranian Get

There are many factors involved in a dog’s growth with each and every dog being unique.

This chart is a good idea of what you can expect but, many dogs may not fit within this guideline.

11 oz2 pounds
13 oz2.5 pounds
1 pound3 pounds
1.18 pounds3.5 pounds
1.34 pounds4 pounds
1.50 pounds4.5 pounds
1.68 pounds5 pounds
2.06 pounds6 pounds
2.44 pounds7 pounds

Are Puppy Growth Charts Reliable

Puppy growth charts are just a tool based on statistics and averages it’s never 100% accurate.

If your dog isn’t following the information that you find in a growth chart it doesn’t mean that something is wrong with your dog or that its growth is not on track.

Take this information with a grain of salt and discuss growth concerns with your vet who care for your dog.

Your vet is always your best resource for customizable information for your dog.

How Much Does A Pomeranian Puppy Gain Each Day

Pomeranian puppies on average gain around five to ten percent of their body weight each day equalling one to five ounces a week.

Pomeranian Puppy Growth Stages Explained

Pomeranian Growth Rate Within The First Year

Pomeranian Puppies grow a an incredible rate within the first year of life going from newborns that are unable to do anything on their own to full-grown dogs.

The first couple of months are filled with the most rapid growth of all followed by a year filled with an amazing transformation.

For exact details of each stage of growth during the first year of life read the article I wrote on Puppy Growth Stages.

Can A Pomeranian Weight 15 Pounds

A Pomeranian can weigh 15 pounds or more if the dog has a large stature with throwback genetics.

What Is A Throwback Pomeranian?

Is 10 Pounds Heavy For A Pomeranian

Pomeranians can vary drastically in size and stature making one ten-pound Pomeranian overweight while another is ideal at ten pounds.

I have both, our little Willow is small and is overweight when she hits six pounds.

Our big guy Murphy feels skinny around nine pounds and is the healthiest when he is between ten and eleven pounds.

Can A Pomeranian’s Growth Be Stunted

Your Pomeranians’ growth can be stunted and affected by nutrition and health issues.

If you are not noticing your Pomeranian growing at a steady rate I would consult with your vet to make sure that your dog is healthy.

How Do I Know If My Pomeranian Is Overweight

Since Pomeranians are small toy dogs it’s very easy for them to become overweight.

You can tell by how round your dog feels in its chest and abdomen, that is the first place and most obvious place I will notice when my dogs start to put on a little weight.

Is My Pomeranian Fat?

Are Some Pomeranians More Prone To Weight Gain

Just like people some individual dogs are more prone to weight gain.

Our little female is always on the fence about being overweight, our large male, on the other hand, can easily become underweight.

Our female small stature and genetics play a role as well as being a female, her body instinctive wants to hold a little extra weight in case she were to become pregnant.

You will get to know your dog and its body and weight so you can adjust its food intake and exercise.

If you are concerned with your dog’s weight it’s best to speak with your vet.

How Do I Know If My Pomeranian Is Underweight

Just like some dogs can become overweight Pomeranain’s can be underweight.

Genetics, nutrition, health, and lifestyle are the biggest contributing factors to weight gain or loss.

I suggest you have your vet evaluate your dog’s weight and monitor the fluctuations in your dog’s weight.

Final Thoughts

The first year of life is a fast and steady one when it comes to a Pomeranian’s growth.

After that first year, your dog will still grow with weight fluctuations and growth with maturity.

Growth charts are just meant to be a guideline of averages, don’t be alarmed if your dog doesn’t fall within a chart.

You should always seek the advice of your vet when you are concerned about your dog’s growth and health.

When Do Pomeranians Stop Growing (Quick Facts)

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