Pomeranians vs. foxes

Pomeranians Vs Foxes (Comparison)

Pomeranians look a lot like foxes, especially the little orange Pomeranians that most are familiar with. Are Pomeranians related to foxes? Why do Pomeranians look like foxes?

Pomeranians and foxes have many things in common when it comes to their appearance and expression. Small pointy ears and intelligent and alert faces. Although, there are many things that are the same there many differences as well.

Are Pomeranians Mixed With Foxes

Many think that Pomeranians are related to foxes but, in reality, Pomeranians are related to wolves.

One may argue that they are related since all canines, foxes, wolves, and coyotes belong to the Canidae family.

The Canidae family of animals were split into two groups or tribes the Vulpes and the Genus.

All domesticated dogs, coyotes, and wolves are part of the Vulpes tribe or group.

Foxes on the other hand are part of the Genus group.

Besides having an appearance that is similar to the fox the AKC Standard itself is confusing since it mentions and describes a Pomeranians expression as “fox-like”.

Why Do Some Pomeranians Look Like Foxes

Some Pomeranains can look similar to a fox in coat color, stature, and facial expressions.

There are many similarities between the two animals.

Similarities Between Pomeranians And Foxes

Pomeranians and foxes are often compared to each other, let’s take at look at why and all of the similarities between a Pomeranian and a fox.

  • Size
  • Coat Color
  • Ears
  • Facial Expression

Pomeranians And Foxes Are Similar In Size

The Pomeranian and fox can both range in size but, overall they have a petite to medium stature making it appear as if they could be relatives.

How Big Do Pomeranians Get?

Pomeranian And Fox Coat Colors

Pomeranians come in a wide variety of coat colors like the fox but, the most often compared coat colors are orange and red coat colors.

The red fox is the most well-known and common fox color making it easy to see why many think these two could be related.

Both the Pomeranian and fox can have various patterns like sabling with black tips making them look similar.

You may also notice that a Pomeranians coat as well as a fox’s coat can change over time, especially within young Pomeranians and foxes.

What Colors Do Pomeranians Come In?

Pomeranian And Fox Ears

You will notice that the Pomeranian and fox both have perfectly triangular ears that sit upon their heads.

Dogs ears can come in a wide variety and sizes from big floppy ears to little drop ears.

This similarity helps make the Pomeranian and Fox look very much alike.

Do Pomeranians Ears Stand Up?

Pomeranian And A Foxes Facial Expression

This is where a Pomeranian and a fox are very similar.

Both animals are extremely intelligent and often have that focused and alert expression on their faces.

How Smart Are Pomeranians?

Pomeranians vs. Foxes

Differences Between Pomeranians And Foxes

  • Tails
  • Eyes
  • Muzzle or Snout
  • Coats
  • Body Shape

Pomeranian Tail Vs. Foxes Tail

A Pomeranian’s tail is heavily plumbed with fur and curls perfectly onto its back.

A fox’s tail on the other hand is very long and often will touch the ground.

Why Do Pomeranians Have Curly Tails?

Pomeranian Eyes Vs. Fox Eyes

When you look closely you will notice that a Pomeranian’s eyes and a fox’s eyes are very different.

A Pomeranian’s eyes are almond-shaped and are proportionately larger when compared to their face size.

A foxes eyes on the other hand are much smaller in size when compared to its overall face and head, as well as being oval shaped.

Pomeranian Eye Colors

Pomeranians Muzzle Vs. Foxes Snout

You would think that a Pomeranian muzzle would look very similar to a fox since the name “Fox-Face” is often used to describe Pomeranians with a specific muzzle size but, they are actually very different.

A Pomeranians muzzle can vary in length but, it is still very short in comparison to the fox’s snout.

A fox’s snout is very long and lean, it almost appears as if it tapers into a point, and the Pomeranians muzzle is blunter.

What Are The Different Types Of Pomeranian Faces

Pomeranian Coat Vs. Fox Coat

A Pomeranians Coat is very similar to a fox’s coat in the sense that they both have very thick double coats of fur.

The major difference is that a Pomeranains outer layer of fur is much longer and fluffy looking in comparison to a fox’s outer coat.

Pomeranian Coat Color Changes

Pomeranian Vs. Fox Body Shape

The body shape between a Pomeranian and a fox are very different

Pomeranians are very short from head to tail and often appear very boxy whereas, a fox is always very long and lean with a body that is much longer than a Pomeranians.

What Is A Fox Pomeranian

A Fox Pomeranian or Fox-Faced Pomeranian is an unofficial term or name that is given to Pomeranians with certain facial features and proportions that fit the breed standard.

Final Thoughts

Although, a Pomeranian can often look like its parents may have been a fox they are not as closely related as it appears.

Pomeranains on the other hand are descendants of the grey wolf.

Many decades of domestication and breeding have drastically changed and separated the pet Pomeranian from its wild ancestors.

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