Do Pomeranians And Yorkies Get Along

Do Pomeranians And Yorkies Get Along

Pomeranians and Yorkies are both known as small lap dogs that are categorized into the toy group by the AKC. Would these dogs be compatible and thrive in the same household? Do Pomeranians and Yorkies get along?

Pomeranians and Yorkies will get along and can be the best of friends. Both breeds are very similar in many ways including their size and energy levels. Both dogs tend to become very attached to their owners and can become jealous. There are many things that you can do to ensure that these two dogs will live in harmony.

How To Determine If Two Dogs Will Get Along

Many factors will determine if two dogs will get along with each other.

Some dog breeds are more willing to accept other dogs into their pack, while others can be in a dangerous situation.

Are Either Of The Dogs Aggressive

There are some breeds like Pit Bulls and Akitas, that are known to be aggressive. Generally, we are cautious when we consider introducing one of these breeds to other dogs.

Although some breeds are stereotypically labeled as being aggressive, dogs of all sizes and breeds can be aggressive. Some of the signs of aggression include.

  • Snarling
  • Biting
  • Barking
  • Lunging
  • Showing teeth
  • Charging
  • Snapping

If a dog shows signs of aggressive behavior it’s best to reconsider introducing it to a new dog and seek out a professional dog trainer for help.

Do Either Dogs Have A Possessive Personality

Some dogs have what’s called “Possessive Aggression”. The signs of possessive aggression include.

  • Snapping, biting, or growling when someone tries to take one of their toys from them.
  • Snapping, biting, or growling when someone comes near their food bowls.
  • Snapping, biting, growling, or fighting with other dogs over possessions.
  • Snapping, biting, growling, or fighting with other dogs or people over the attention of a favorite person.
  • Showing signs of aggression when approached in their beds, crates, or favorite spots.

Possessive behaviors can range from being very mild to a dangerous concern. Luckily, dogs can be trained to improve their possessive behaviors over time. If you are concerned with your dog’s possessive tendencies I suggest speaking to a professional dog trainer before introducing them to new dogs.

Are Both Dogs Intelligent

Studies have shown that a dog’s intelligence is tied to many behaviors including understanding commands, memory skills, and being able to read and react to human behaviors.

The average dog’s intelligence has been referenced as being close to a 2.5-year-old human.

The more intelligent a dog is the easier they are to train, they have better instincts and are prone to get along better with other dogs.

Are Both Dogs Easy To Train

Dogs that are easy to train are more likely to get along with other dogs.

During training a dog learns to respect and follow the commands of its human trainer. When introduced to a new dog they would have a better chance of listening to their owners and expressing calm confidence.

Do Both Dogs Have Similiar Energy Levels

Some dogs have much more energy to burn compared to other dog breeds. Labrador Retrievers are known for being energetic and need daily exercising while a Bull Mastiff enjoys a lazy day snoozy around the house.

Dogs that have similar energy levels are more likely to get along.

Are Both Dogs Similar In Strength

Once the two dogs become comfortable with each other they are bound to enjoy some play time.

Dogs that are a good match for each other will have similar strengths like German Shepherds and Siberian Huskies.

When two dogs are similar in strength they can play rough with less likely that one of them will get injured. A little wrestling and rough play is good for the two dogs but, make sure to intervene if it starts to get out of hand.

Are Both Dogs Friendly And Well Socialized

Both dogs must be friendly and well-socialized.

Some dog breeds require more socialization to be comfortable around other dogs, animals, and people like Dalmations.

Are Either Of The Dogs Very Protective

When a dog is very protective of its humans the dog is more apt to be aggressive towards an unfamiliar dog or not accepting of adding a new dog to the family.

Some dogs become very attached to their owners and are not willing to allow another canine into their pack.

How Strong Is The Dog’s Prey Drive

Some dogs have been bred for thousands of years as hunting dogs. These dog breeds like the Australian Shepherd may not be best matched with a small toy-size dog. This mismatch could end up causing problems and putting the smaller dog at risk.

What Is The Size Difference Between The Two Dogs

It’s safest to not have a huge size difference between the two dogs. A large Great Dane may accidentally injure a much smaller dog like a Chihuahua.

What Are The Genders Of The Dogs

It has been shown that it’s best to introduce a younger dog of the opposite gender to an existing dog in your home. This combination has been shown to have the best results. The alpha of your pack will not feel as threatened by the younger dog of the opposite gender.

Can A Pomeranian And A Yorkie Live In The Same House

How Do Pomeranians And Yorkies Personalities Compare

Pomeranians and Yorkies have similar personalities they are both small in size but, strong in personality. They are both feisty, and cuddly, and enjoy sleeping on your lap.

Both breeds are known to become very attached to their owners and develop separation anxiety. Having the companionship of another dog may help with this issue.

Since both breeds become very attached they can both be a little needy regarding attention and can become protective and jealous.

The Compatibility Of Pomeranians And Yorkies

Let’s take a closer look at the breed characteristics of the fluffy Pomeranian and the adorable Yorkie.

Height6-12 Inches7-8 Inches
Weight3-7 Pounds7 Pounds or less
IntelligenceVery SmartSmart
Ease Of TrainingCan Be Hard To TrainCan Be Hard To Train
Energy LevelMediumMedium
FriendlinessVery FriendlyVery Friendly
ProtectivenessVery Protective Very Protective
Prey DriveLowHigh

How Aggressive Are Pomeranians And Yorkies

Pomeranians are not normally aggressive dogs. They are leary of strangers and can show aggression like any dog but, overall they are not known for having aggression issues. They are usually more bark than bite.

Yorkies have a higher chance of being aggressive. Yorkies require more training and socialization to ensure that aggression doesn’t become an issue. With a background of hunting rats, these dogs still have some of that scrappy instinct.

Are Pomeranians And Yorkies Possessive

Pomeranians are known to become very attached to their owners, they are also very possessive of their toys and food.

One of our dogs doesn’t show any possessiveness but, our other dog Murphy can be possessive about his toys or when he snags something he should have and doesn’t want to give it back.

Yorkies also become very attached to their owners and can show signs of possessiveness.

Are Pomeranians And Yorkies Intelligent

According to the canine psychologist Stanley Coren, Pomeranians are ranked as the 23rd smartest dog. Pomeranians are great problem solvers and can adapt very quickly.

Yorkies are ranked as the 34th smartest dog, Yorkies have instinctive intelligence that was bred into these dogs for many years.

How Easy Are Pomeranians And Yorkies To Train

Both Pomeranians and Yorkies can be stubborn and independent, making training difficult.

Our experience with our Pomeranians hasn’t been difficult. They are very smart dogs and can learn easily. It’s best to keep training sessions short and often (I suggest daily sessions that last around 15 minutes) when teaching commands. Always remember to reward your dog with treats as an incentive.

House training or potty training was a mixed bag for us. Our male Murphy took much longer than our female Willow to house train.

Energy Level Comparison Of A Pomeranian To A Yorkie

Pomeranians and Yorkies are both medium-energy dogs that require some exercise (around 30 minutes a day running around the yard or playing with toys) and mental stimulation (toys, puzzles, and games).

Both the Pomeranian and the Yorkie enjoy napping and cuddling with their owners.

Strength Comparison Of A Pomeranian To A Yorkie

Pomeranians and Yorkies are both small dogs that are very similar in strength.

How Friendly Are Pomeranians Compared To Yorkies

Both Pomeranians and Yorkies are very friendly dogs overall. They both require a lot of socialization especially when they are young to ensure that they develop good social skills towards strangers and other animals.

Both dog breeds get along well with other dogs and cats. They also make great service dogs.

Pomeranians and Yorkies are both not recommended for homes with small children. Children can be rough and accidentally hurt these small dogs.

Are Pomeranians And Yorkies Protective

Pomeranians and Yorkies may be small toy breeds but, they are both very protective of their owners. They are both very vocal watchdogs that want to protect their territory.

Do Pomeranians And Yorkies Have Strong Prey Drives

Pomeranians have a low prey drive and are not likely to go after small animals.

Yorkies have a high prey drive, they were once bred for ratting and would run around mines, warehouses, and farms. A Yorkie would be much more likely to chase after small animals or dig at those in a burrow.

What Is The Size Difference Between Pomeranians And Yorkies

Pomeranians and Yorkies are very similar in size. A Pomeranian may appear much larger than it is due to its signature double coat of fluffy fur.

Can A Pomeranian And A Yorkie Live In the Same House

Do Pomeranians And Yorkies Get Along

Pomeranians and Yorkies are similar in many ways. They are both small in stature, strength, energy, friendliness, and protectiveness.

Yorkies have a stronger prey drive than Pomeranians due to the history of hunting rats whereas Pomeranians can be more independent.

Both breeds can be territorial and jealous it’s best to be cautious when introducing them to a new dog. The younger the dogs are the less likely they are to show signs of jealousy towards the other.

The Pomeranian and Yorkie are both full of energy and well-matched. These two breeds are likely to get along and be great playmates.

How Do You Introduce A Pomeranian To A Yorkie

When you plan on introducing two dogs it’s best to follow a few simple guidelines.

  • Keep each dog’s belongings like their beds, crates, toys, and food dishes separate.
  • Keep the two dogs separate when you are not able to watch them.
  • Have the dogs on a leash when they are first introduced.
  • It’s best to introduce the dogs in the neutral territory before bringing them together in your home.
  • When entering the existing dog’s territory (home) have the human enter first, followed by the first dog, then the new dog enters last.
  • Don’t force the meeting between the dogs, let them take it at their own pace.
  • Let the new dog get familiar with its surroundings before you introduce the existing dog in the home.

What To Do If Two Dogs Aren’t Getting Along

There are many reasons why two dogs may not get along. There are some steps you can take to help improve the relationship between the two dogs.

  1. Keep the two dogs separate during risky situations like eating and playing with favorite toys.
  2. Identify stressors or triggers for the undesired behaviors, and address any changes that can be made.
  3. Make sure both dogs are getting enough exercise, and make sure the dogs don’t have pent-up energy.
  4. Working on your training with each dog. This will help with mental stimulation and refresh the dog’s listening skills.
  5. Discuss the situation with your vet, one of your dogs may not feel well or have an injury that can cause behavior changes.
  6. Evaluate your dog’s diet, just like with humans what you eat can play a big role in how you feel.
  7. If one or both of the dogs gets aggressive use short leashes and muzzles if needed.
  8. Set boundaries of what behavior is acceptable and what is not.
  9. Reward positive behaviors.
  10. Bring the two dogs into neutral territory when they are together.
  11. Seek the help of a professional dog trainer if needed.

Are Pomeranians And Yorkies Ever Bred Together

Yes, Pomeranians and Yorkies are bred together, they are called Yoranians or Yorkie-Poms.

These cute dogs are very affectionate and energetic. They make great companions and family dogs.

Final Thoughts

Pomeranians and Yorkies are both feisty, loyal, and loving companions. When introduced correctly and well trained these dogs can be the best of friends.

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