Shaved and Clipped Pomeranians

Shaved And Clipped Pomeranians (Explained)

We’ve all seen some fluffy Pomeranians in all their glory as well as others that are shaved and clipped.

In this article, I dig in and answer all of the common questions regarding shaved and clipped Pomeranians.

Should You Shave Your Pomeranian

The simple answer is no, you should never shave your Pomeranian.

Shaving a Pomeranian’s coat can damage it and may cause your Pomeranains fur to never grow back as it originally was.

Pomeranians have a double coat that consists of two layers.

The outer layers are called guard hair and the inner layer are ground hairs.

If the inner layer of a double-coated dog is cut it may never grow back fully.

Why Do People Shave Their Pomeranians

There are a few reasons why Pomeranians are shaved with a majority of them being a grooming mistake or miscommunication that was never meant to happen.

Other times owners have seen popular and adorable photos of shaved and clipped Pomeranians on the internet or social media and have it done to their dogs without knowing the risks involved.

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Does A Pomeranians Fur Grow Back

Your Pomeranian’s fur is likely to grow back but, it can often be very patchy, growing back unevenly and never being that same as it originally was.

The older your dog is the less likely they are to fully regrow their fur as well as possibly sparking skin and fur conditions like Black Skin Disease.

What Happens If You Cut A Pomeranians Hair Too Short

Your Pomeranians fur goes through four stages of growth, cutting into the fur during certain stage can cause your dog’s fur to no longer process through those four growth stages correctly.

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How Do I Know If The Groomer Cut Into The Inner Fur Layer

If your groomer used clippers instead of scissors on your Pomeranians coat there is a high chance that your dog’s coat has been cut into the inner layer.

It’s extremely difficult to use clippers on a Pomeranian and not cut into the inner layer.

Another thing to look for is are all of the dog’s outer guard hair is gone?

If all of the outer layer of fur has been removed most likely your dog’s inner coat has been cut.

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How Likely Is It That My Pomeranians Fur Will Grow Back

There is a good chance that some to all of your dog’s fur will grow back in some fashion.

That does not mean that it will grow back to the appearance it was originally.

Your dog’s fur may grow back with a patchy appearance with some areas longer than others and some places may not grow back at all.

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How Long Will It Take For My Pomeranians Fur To Grow Back

The earliest time frame that you will notice any growth or changes in your Pomeranians coat after being clipped or shaved is 3 to 4 months.

In most cases, you won’t notice any major fur growth until 6 months after their coat was cut.

It can take up to a year or more for your Pomeranains coat to look more normal.

Is It Ever Ok To Shave My Pomeranian

There are rare cases when shaving a Pomeranian may be a good idea.

  • If your dog has a coat or skin issues caused by health problems like Black Skin Disease
  • If a dog has been neglected and is completely matted or infested with fleas
Shaved and Clipped Pomeranians

Will Shaving My Pomeranian Stop It From Shedding

Shaving your Pomeranian will not stop it from shedding.

Shedding is a natural part of the growth process and lifecycle of your dog’s fur.

If your cut the tips of a dog’s fur it will not affect what is happening at a follicle level.

Many people think that their dog sheds less because they aren’t noticing as much shed fur, that is not correct.

The dog is still shedding the same amount the fur itself is just shorter giving the appearance of less fur.

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Will Shaving My Pomeranian Help My Allergies

Shaving your Pomeranian will not help with your allergies.

It is a misconception that dog allergies are caused by dog fur.

The proteins that cause an allergic reaction are actually found in your dog’s dander (skin cells) and saliva.

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Should Pomeranians Be Shaved In Summer

Often people think you should shave a fluffy dog in the summer to keep it cool.

This is not correct, your dog’s double coat actually helps keep your dog cool.

Exposing your dog’s skin to the sun and heat can also cause sunburn and heat stroke.

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Common Myths About Shaving Pomeranians

  • You should shave your Pomeranian in the summer to keep them cool
  • Shaving your Pomeranians will stop it from shedding
  • Your Pomeranians fur will grow back if it is shaved
  • Shaving your Pomeranian will reduce your allergies

How Do I Prevent My Pomeranian From Being Clipped Or Shaved Too Short

Having a groomer trim and clip your Pomeranian is always risky, you need to make sure that your groomer understands exactly what you want to be done.

Any miscommunication could result in tragic damage to your Pomeranains coat.

  • Even if you have used your groomer many times before, never assume they know what you want
  • Be extremely clear with your exact instructions
  • Take your time to explain and use photos
  • Make sure the groomer is listening and is not overworked and distracted
  • Make sure your “regular” groomer is the one grooming your dog not a “new assistant”

What Should You Do If Your Pomeranian Has Been Shaved Or Clipped

unfortunately, if your Pomeranian has been saved or clipped very short it can be a long road to coat recovery with many dogs never getting back to their original fluffy coats of fur.

That said there are things you can do to help improve the quality and growth of your Pomeranians’ fur.

  1. Brush your Pomeranian often
  2. Bathe your dog every two weeks
  3. Use a high-quality shampoo
  4. Condition with a high-quality conditioner
  5. Use a leave-in conditioner
  6. Pat your Pomeranians coat dry, never rub it
  7. Give your dog fish oil
  8. Give Your dog daily antioxidants
  9. Avoid Irritants

Brush Your Pomeranian Often

Brushing your Pomeranian often will help stimulate the hair follicles which can result in regrowth.

Brushing also helps clear out any blocked follicles that could hinder regrowth.

It’s also very good for your dog’s coat to distribute all of the old in your dog’s skin and fur, it makes it shiny and healthy.

Bathe Your Dog Often

If your dog has been trimmed or clipped too short it’s best to bathe your dog every two weeks with high-quality and nourishing products to help stimulate new growth and care for the fur growth that has occurred.

Make Sure To Use High-Quality Products

When you bathe and brush your dog make sure that you are using the very best quality products like shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in conditioner.

Organic and natural products that include ingredients like coconut oil, aloe, and oatmeal are often the best.

Stay away from artificial ingredients, alcohols, and parabens.

Gently Pat Your Dog Dry

Be extremely careful not to rub your dog dry after its bath, pat it very gently instead.

Rubbing your dog’s coat can end up causing more damage and mats.

Give Your Dog Supplements Like Fish Oil And Antioxidants

High-quality fish oil and antioxidants are very good for your dog’s health and coat.

I recommend speaking with your vet about these options and recommendations for your specific dog.

Avoid Irritants

Try to avoid anything that can irritate your dos coat like rolling around and rubbing on the grass or carpet.

Reasons Why You Should Never Shave Your Pomeranian

There are many dangers that people don’t think of when they shave or clip their Pomeranians fur too short.

Some of these include.

Final Thoughts

I am hoping that you found this article before your Pomeranian was shaved or clipped.

Shaving or clipping your Pomeranian’s fur very short is almost never a good idea that can result in damage to your dog’s fur and skin.

Make sure that you are extremely clear with your groomer, the majority of Pomeranians are accidentally shaved by a groomer due to a miscommunication.

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