Should I Get Another Pomeranian

Should I Get Another Pomeranian (Explained)

Pomeranians are wonderful companions but, should you get another Pomeranian?

When considering if getting another Pomeranian is the right thing for your family there are many things to think about. Some of the most important factors to consider are time, space, finances, the age of your first dog, and if everyone in your family agrees.

Should I Get Another Pomeranian

Should you get another Pomeranian? That’s a loaded question.

If you already have one Pomeranian you understand the needs and care required for Pomeranians in addition to the love and joy a Pomeranian can give.

It’s really a personal choice whether you are ready to add another Pomeranian to your family.

Two Pomeranians are more work than one but, there is plenty of companionships to be had.

Is It Better To Have One Or Two Pomeranians

Pomeranians get very attached to their owners and often suffer from separation anxiety.

Having more than one Pomeranian can help with any attachment and emotional issues related to separation anxiety if you often have to leave your dog at home.

Another thing to consider is the expense and time required to care for another dog, you do need to be prepared for all of the needs of having another dog.

I personally enjoy having more than one Pomeranian but, one Pomeranian may be what’s perfect for you and your family.

Questions To Ask When Considering Another Pomeranian

There are many things to consider when thinking about getting another Pomeranian.

Here are some questions that you should ask yourself before taking the leap into a Multi-Pomeranian home.

  • How old is your current dog
  • Is your current dog well trained
  • Do you have room for two dogs
  • Do you have the time for two dogs
  • Does everyone in the family agree

How Old Is Your Current Dog

Experts recommend that the ideal age of your first dog be one to two years of age.

Mature enough to have gone through the “puppy stage” but, not too set is its ways to not be accepting of a new family member.

Is Your Current Dog Well Trained

If your current dog is not well trained, it’s not time to add a new dog or puppy to your family.

Your first dog needs to be potty trained as well as trained and familiar with simple commands for safety and behavior before considering another dog.

Do You Have Room For Two Dogs

If you don’t have enough space for two dogs, you will run into a lot of trouble.

Do you have enough indoor space as well as outdoor space for another dog?

Even though, Pomeranians are small they will love to play with each other and need some space to do so.

Do You Have Time For Two Dogs

Having enough time for two dogs is one of the most important factors when it comes to considering another dog.

Dogs require a lot of time and if you don’t have that to give both you and your dogs will suffer.

Pomeranains love companionship and being close to their humans.

Make sure you have plenty of time for your Pomeranians.

Does Everyone In The Family Agree

If your family members do not all agree on getting another dog it could develop into a larger problem with resentment and tension.

Make sure everyone is on the same page and agrees that getting another dog is a great idea.

Also, make a plan for who will care for and train the new dog ahead of time.

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Should I Get Another Pomeranian

Should I Get A Third Pomeranian

If you already have two Pomeranians you may be a crazy but, very passionate person like myself if you are considering getting a third.

When considering adding a third fluffy Pomeranian to your family think about the dynamic between the two Pomeranians you already have and whether a third could fit into that.

If your dogs are very friendly, adaptable, and easy-going, the last thing to consider is the time and money required to care for another dog.

Are Pomeranians Happier With A Friend

Pomeranians love companionship, with their human owners as well as with each other.

My Pomeranians are always together playing, cuddling, or having adventures.

I think they are much happier not alone.

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Should I Get Two Pomeranians At One Time

You can get two litter mates at one time and raise them together.

It’s a lot of work to train a puppy with two puppies being double the amount of work.

If you have the time and patience to train two Pomeranian puppies at one time, it’s ok to get two Pomeranians at the same time.

I would never recommend getting two Pomeranians at the same time that are the same age or from the same litter.

Will Two Pomeranians Get Along

Two Pomeranians will get along very well.

My oldest Pomeranian Murphy seems much happier now that he has a couple of buddies.

This doesn’t mean that all Pomeranians will get along with each other, you do need to evaluate each dog and its personality.

Some dogs are extremely territorial and are better in single-dog homes.

Do Male Pomeranians Get Along

I have two male dogs that get along extremely well but, that won’t always be the situation.

It is recommended that your male dogs are neutered to attempt to avoid any hormonal and territorial issues.

Although you can have a pair of male dogs it is suggested to have one dog of each gender.

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Do Female Pomeranians Get Along

Just as with two male Pomeranians, two female Pomeranians can get along but, there is a chance that they won’t.

My female Pomeranian is very sassy and gets along well with the boys but, she would definitely like to be the boos of the entire group.

Another female may give her a run for the alpha spot.

It is always better to have one of each gender if possible.

Final Thoughts

I love Pomeranians and dedicate a huge part of my time and life to these dogs but, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

You have to make sure that everyone is ready and willing to take on the work, finincial needs and love of adding another Pomeranian to your family.

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