should you make your Pomeranian look like Boo

Should You Make Your Pomeranian Look Like Boo (Explained)

Pomeranians are known for their beautiful fluffy coats of fur, but not all Pomeranians look the same like one of the most famous Pomeranians of all, Boo the Pomeranian.

Should you make your Pomeranian look like Boo?

You should not make your Pomeranian look like Boo. The haircut or shaved cut that Boo had was is damaging to a Pomeranian’s coat and lead to lifelong coat damage including lack of growth or inconsistent growth. The inner layer of a Pomeranian coat should never be cut or shaved.

Should Your Pomeranian Like Like Boo

You should not make your Pomeranian look like Boo.

Trimming or shaving your Pomeranian can cause permanent damage to your dog’s coat.

Your Pomeranians coat may never be the same again if you shave it to look like adorable Boo the Pomeranian.

When a Pomeranian makes such a drastic decision as shaving their dog to look like Boo, it’s a lifelong decision whether they are aware of it or not.

Many people are not aware of the consequences of shaving a Pomeranian coat.

What Is A Boo Haircut?

Who Is Boo The Pomeranian

Boo the Pomeranian was once named the “World’s Cutest Dog” and became famous after his owner created a Facebook page dedicated to Boo.

Over time stars like Kesha referred to Boo as her boyfriend and Boo ended up becoming the official pet liaison of Virgin America.

Through the years Boos owner also wrote many children’s books featuring Boo.

What Did Boo The Pomeranian Look Like

Boo the Pomeranian looked like a real-life teddy bear, his fur was a light orange, cream color with petite features and an adorable expression and personality.

Why Did Boo The Pomeranian Have A Shaved Coat

There have been many rumors regarding why Boo’s coat was shaved in the first place.

Some theories include that Boo had Alopecia or black skin disease.

It doesn’t appear that this is true by the way Boo looked, Boos owners have also been quoted saying he was so matted at one point that his fur could be brushed resulting in the shaved haircut.

How Often Do Pomeranians Need To Be Professionally Groomed?

should you make your Pomeranian look like Boo

Can All Pomeranians Look Like Boo

Not every Pomeranian can look like Boo.

There are so many different appearances that Pomeranians can have even within the breed.

Between the coat color varieties, facial shapes and overall stature, every dog is unique and different.

What Type Of Haircut Did Boo The Pomeranian Have

Boo had what is known as the “Teddy Bear” cut where the double layers of his coat is shaved down, with the inner layer being cut down to at least 50%.

What’s left of the inner coat is a soft coating of fur, none of the outer coat remains.

Boo also had the fur around his face trimmed so it’s nice and round resembling a teddy bear.

Are There Different Types Of Pomeranian Haircuts

It may be hard to believe but, there are at least nine different Pomeranian haircuts including the teddy bear cut, lion cut, and fox cut.

What Are The Different Types Of Pomeranian Haircuts?

Final Thoughts

Although, Boo the Pomeranians was named the “Cutest Dog In The World” his shaved teddy bear coat should not be mimicked by others.

Cutting or shaving your Pomeranian to look like Boo can cause lifelong damage that may result in your Pomeranian’s fur never growing back or growing with only inconsistent growth.

Regardless of the circumstances that caused Boo to have a shaved coat, Pomeranians are the cutest with a full and glorious coat of fluffy fur.

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