what are the differences between a show pomeranian and a pet

What Are The Differences Between A Show Pomeranian And A Pet

We’ve all seen the perfect show dogs prancing around at dog shows but, what are the differences between a show Pomeranian and a pet?

The difference between a show Pomeranian and a pet Pomeranian is that the show Pomeranian meets the breed standard set by the AKC. The breed standard is the blueprint that describes the ideal specimen for the breed.

In this article, I discuss and compare the differences between the show standards for Pomeranians and pet Pomeranians along with the prices for each and which dog is right for you.

What Is The Difference Between A Show Dog And A Pet

The difference between a show dog and a pet is the degree to which the dog meets the breed standard.

Each dog breed has its own standard or list of attributes that determine what the breed should look like.

what does a show pomeranian look like

What Does A Show Pomeranian Look Like

A show Pomeranian is a short and compact dog with an extremely fluffy double coat of fur.

A Pomeranians heavily plumbed tail that curls over onto its back is one of the most distinct characteristics of the breed.

Pomeranians should be alert, intelligent, and full of confidence.

What Are The Breed Standards For A Pomeranian Show Dog

The AKC breed standard for Pomeranians includes the following characteristics.


A show Pomeranian must be 3 to 7 pounds with the ideal weight being 4 to 6 pounds.


Pomeranians are a square breed with a short back it’s ratio of body length to height should be 1 to 1.


A Pomeranian should be sturdy to medium-boned.


Balanced with the body, broad at the back tapering towards the nose in a wedge shape.


Medium-sized and almond-shaped. The eyes are to be set well into the skull and the width between the eyes are to be balanced in comparison to the rest of its facial features.


Small ears are to be mounted high on top of the dog’s head.


Pomeranians should have a closed, slightly rounded but not domed skull.


The muzzle should be short and straight with a length ratio in comparison to its skull at 1/3 to 2/3.


Pomeranians should have a beautiful and fluffy double coat of fur with a full mane and feathered legs. Thick fur along their back legs with a fluffy tail the curls straight onto their back.

what are the breed standards for a Pomeranian show dog

How Is The Breed Standard Determined

Breed standards are meant to be a written description of the ideal specimen.

The breed standard or any revisions start with the AKC parent club for the specific breed.

The parent club members vote on any changes to the standard and submit those back to the AKC for approval.

If approved the new standard becomes the blueprint for the breed. This blueprint or list of standards is just a guideline for judges to follow inside of the show ring.

Standards can still be interpreted differently from judge to judge.

What Are The Main Differences Between A Pet And A Show Dog

Unless you are a breeder or a dog show judge you will not notice the difference between a show Pomeranian and a pet Pomeranian.

A pet Pomeranian is one that falls outside of the breed standard for show dogs.

A pet may be larger or smaller than the standard, have unrecognized eye colors, or mismarked markings.

what are main differences between a pet and a show dog

What Are Show Dog Faults

A fault is an aspect of appearance or temperament that is considered detrimental to the dog’s breed.

There are some characteristics of a breed that are still accepted into dog shows but, are considered faults. An example would be an entire white foot on any dog besides an entirely white dog or particolored.

There are also other characteristics of breeds that are not recognized and accepted into a dog show at all. An example would be very light blue eyes on any dog other than merle.

Due to the high level of competition within the dog show community, it is highly unlikely that you would see any dog with a noticeable fault enter a show ring.

What Are Considered Faults In Show Pomeranians

The following are considered faults within the Pomeranian breed.

  • Round domed skull
  • Undershot, overshot or wry bite
  • Low set tail
  • Flat footed
  • Cowhocks
  • Turned in or outward knees
  • Soft, flat or open coat
  • White foot or feet in a non white or parti dog

How Does A Breeder Determine The Difference Between A Pet And A Show Dog

A Pomeranian show breeder has a lot of experience with the breed and deep knowledge of the breed standard.

A breeder will pay close attention to the puppies and record their growth and features over time in order to be a good judge of future show potential.

An experienced show breeder will be able to tell the difference between a potential show dog and one that will not meet the show standard.

Can A Show Pomeranian And A Pet Pomeranian Come From The Same Litter

Show Pomeranians and Pet Pomeranians often come from the same litter of puppies.

If a breeder is breeding with the intention of producing show dogs every breeding pair will be selected based on the characteristics that should result in puppies that fit the show standard.

Not all of the puppies will be chosen as potential show dogs. The dogs that aren’t selected for the show ring will be perfect pets.

There is really no difference between a show dog and a pet. The show dog just happens to fit the “ideal” for show purposes.

One dog is not better than the other.

How Much Is A Show Quality Pomeranian

Show Pomeranians have been known to cost up to $10,000.

A show-quality dog can be much harder to find.

The price for a show Pomeranian will depend on its genetics, care, and travel costs as well as your intentions for the dog. Will you be showing or breeding the dog?

Many people make a living showing dogs in dog shows, which contributes to the high price for a show dog.

What Is The Difference In Price Between A Show Pomeranian And A Pet

A pet Pomeranian is can range from $1500 to $6000 where a show Pomeranian is in the range of $10,000.

Are Show Dogs Pets

The majority of show dogs are also considered pets.

There may be some that are viewed as show dogs or dogs within a breeding program but, the majority are pets with a fancy job.

Should I Get A Show Pomeranian

Just because you get a show-quality Pomeranian doesn’t guarantee you that your dog will be a top show dog in the future.

A breeder may be reluctant to selling a show-quality dog to a first-time Pomeranian owner or one that may not allow the puppy to reach its full potential.

If showing Pomeranians is your goal make sure get involved in the showing community and become fully educated in showing Pomeranians.

Why Should I Get A Pet Pomeranian

Pet Pomeranians are just the same as show dogs without the high price tag.

Unless you plan on showing your dog or are a breeder it doesn’t make sense to pay for a show dog.

Final Thoughts

I can get a little fired up about the “perfect’ breed standards when it comes to dogs.

I understand why there is a standard for showing purposes but, it all feels a little picky to me when all dogs are perfectly beautiful.

I love all Pomeranians regardless of what standard they happen to fit into.

They are an extremely special breed that is very dear to my heart.

If you are lucky enough to share your life with a Pomeranian make sure to show them the same love that they give you.

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