Are there different types of Pomeranians

Are There Different Types Of Pomeranians

The small and fluffy Pomeranian has a distinct appearance. Even with their signature look, a Pomeranian can look very different compared to others. Are there different types of Pomeranians?

There is only one type of Pomeranian. There are many reasons why Pomeranians can look different from one another. Pomeranians can vary in stature, face shape, coat color, texture, and pattern.

In this article, I discuss all of the variables that can change a Pomeranian appearance.

How Many Different Types Of Pomeranians Are There

There is only one breed of Pomeranian.

It can be confusing with so many different terms being thrown around and the differences in appearance from one Pomeranian to another.

How can there only be one type of Pomeranian?

Although there is only one type of Pomeranian there are many variables that contribute to the differences in Pomeranian appearances.

What Types Of Pomeranians Are There

There are many reasons why one Pomeranian can look drastically different from another.

While they are not different types of Pomeranians there are different features or genetics.

Some of the different features that can make Pomeranians look different are.

  • Size
  • Different head and muzzle shapes and sizes
  • Many fur color variations
  • Puppy growth stages
  • Mixed breed Pomeranians
A pomeranians fur can vary

Pomeranians Come In Different Sizes

Pomeranians often look very different from one another due to a size difference.

A Pomeranian can be as small as 3 pounds and as large as over 14 pounds.

Teacup Pomeranians

When a Pomeranian is on the smaller side of the size scale it’s often referred to as a teacup Pomeranian or miniature Pomeranian.

“Teacup” Pomeranians are not a specific breed, it’s a specific term that is used to describe small Pomeranians.

If you are looking for a small Pomeranian make sure that the breeder you have selected is reputable.

There are many breeders that use unethical practices to achieve very small dogs.

Often dogs that are the result of unethical practices end up with lifelong health challenges.

Sturdy Bone Pomeranians

Many Pomeranians will be larger than the breed standard.

These dogs that weigh between 7 to 10 lbs are just larger “sturdy-boned” Pomeranians.

“Sturdy boned” is not a classification of Pomeranerian it’s just a label that can be used to describe this group of dogs.

Partial Throwback Pomeranians

Partial Throwback Pomeranians are dogs that generally weigh between 10 to 14lbs.

A partial throwback Pomeranian may have some genetics that dates farther back to its ancestors.

Pomeranians were not always the small lap dog that they are today.

Long ago Pomeranians were hard-working dogs that typically weighed around 30 pounds.

Some dogs today still carry the genetics of a larger Pomeranian.

Throwback Pomeranians

Throwback Pomeranians are the largest of them all. A throwback will weigh over 14 pounds.

A Throwback Pomeranian will contain genetics that dates back to its ancestors.

What Is A Throwback Pomeranian?

What Is a toy Pomeranian

Pomeranians Can Have Different Face Shapes

Pomeranians have different head and face shapes that can make them look very different.

  • Fox Face
  • Teddy Bear
  • Baby Doll

Although there are three different facial appearances that a Pomeranian could have the only one that could qualify as a show dog would be the “fox face” which is within the AKC breed standard.

Fox Face Pomeranians

The AKC Breed Standard for Pomeranians refers to their faces as having a “fox-like” expression.

The standard has very specific guidelines as to what a Pomeranian’s face should look like.

  • Short straight muzzle, with a ratio of 1/3 to 2/3 the length of its skull
  • Small ears positioned high on its head
  • Closed not domed skull
  • The head is in balance with the rest of the body, tapering towards the nose in a wedge shape

Why Do Some Pomeranians Have Longer Muzzles

There are some Pomeranians that have longer muzzles than the breed standard.

If a Pomeranian’s muzzle is longer than the standard it’s due to the specific genetics of the dog.

The genetics within the dog’s line may have Pomeranians that are outside of the breed standard or are possibly not 100% Pomeranians.

Teddy Bear Pomeranians

Teddy Bear Pomeranians have a shorter muzzle when compared to the breed standard.

A teddy bear’s muzzle will be 1/4 the length of its head compared to 1/3 to 2/3.

Teddy Bear Pomeranians will usually be shorter in stature.

Their eyes will be closer to their noses and their cheeks will appear more fluffy.

Teddy bear faces almost have that “smooshed” face appearance.

Baby Doll Pomeranians

Baby Doll Pomeranians fall in between the standard fox face and the teddy bear face.

The overall appearance of a baby doll Pomeranian is less condensed and “smooshed” when compared to a teddy bear Pomeranian.

A baby doll Pomeranian’s muzzle will be between 1/4 and 1/3 the length of the Pomeranian’s head.

pomeranians come in different sizes

Pomeranians Have Many Coat Colors

Pomeranians are a breed of many colors.

Over 25 to be exact with 13 being accepted by the AKC.

Pomeranians can be the brightest white to a lavender shade with everything in between.

A Pomeranians Fur Can Vary

A Pomeranian’s coat will vary from dog to dog.

  • Coat Patterns
  • Coat Textures

Why Are Some Pomeranians Fluffier Than Others?

Pomeranians Have Many Coat Patterns

A Pomeranian’s coat pattern is full of endless options.

Pomeranians can be solid, tipped or pointed, parti, sable, and merle.

Pomeranians Coat Can Come In Many Textures

Every Pomeranian will have a different coat depending on its genetics.

Some Pomeranians have very dense undercoats that make their outer fur stick out more and give the appearance of a much fluffier dog.

What types of Pomeranians Are There

Pomeranians Experience The Puppy Uglies

Pomeranians go through some teenage ups and downs just like the rest of us.

A Pomeranian will transition from their puppy coats into their adult double coats by the time they are 15 months of age.

Due to the inconsistency of the fur growth and loss during this time, a Pomeranian may not look like a Pomeranian.

Mixed Breed Pomeranians

There are many mixed-breed Pomeranians that have become very popular.

There are now over 30 different mixed-breed Pomeranians or “designer dogs”.

Some of the most popular are.

  • Pomsky- Pomeranian and Husky
  • Pomchi- Pomeranian and Chihuahua
  • CavaPom- Pomeranian and Cavalier King Spaniel
  • MaltiPom- Pomeranian and Maltese

What Is A Toy Pomeranian

The term “Toy” is used in reference to the AKC group that the Pomeranian is included in for dog shows.

Some other popular dog breeds in this toy group are the Chihuahua, Maltese, and Pug,

Final Thoughts

There is only one type of Pomeranian.

Beautiful Pomeranians are just as unique as you and I.

A Pomeranian’s genetics will determine its overall stature, face structure, fur color, pattern, and texture.

With so many different genetics involved it’s easy to see why Pomeranians can look so different.

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