What Do Pomeranians Like To Do

What Do Pomeranians Like To Do (9 Favorite Things)

Pomeranians are adorable little companions but, what do they like to do most?

Pomeranians enjoy many things including cuddling up next to you for a nice nap or going out on an adventure sniffing everything in sight. Most of all Pomeranians enjoy the true love and companionship that they receive from a loving owner.

What Do Pomeranians Like To Do The Most

Every Pomeranian is different and has a different personality but, you can expect Pomeranians to enjoy the following things.

  • Cuddling
  • Sleeping
  • Getting Attention
  • Playing
  • Traveling
  • Sniffing
  • Routine
  • Eating
  • Socializing

Pomeranians Enjoy Cuddling With You

One of the things Pomeranians enjoy the most is being near their favorite humans and cuddling up beside you.

As I write this my ten-pound Cream Pomeranian Murphy is curled up on my lap resting.

Pomeranians as a breed are very attached to their owners and never want to be far away.

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Pomeranians Enjoy A Great Nap

Besides cuddling up next to you, Pomeranians enjoy a great nap or night’s sleep.

Many Pomeranians enjoy sleeping from 12 to 20 hours a day depending on their age, activity level, and personality.

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Pomeranians Love Getting Attention

Pomeranians love getting attention from their owners.

Being pet, scratched, and loved makes Pomeranians very happy.

Your Pomeranian will usually follow you around the house being available for the next moment that you are able to give them some attention.

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What Do Pomeranians Like To Play With

Pomeranians love playing with all different types of toys including chew toys, plush toys, and interactive puzzles.

It’s important to have a wide variety of toys available for your Pomeranians to try and play with.

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Pomeranians Enjoy Traveling

It may be just a trip doing errands around town or a camping road trip.

Either way, your Pomeranian is open for the adventure and would much rather join you in your travels than be left home alone.

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Pomeranians Love To Sniff Everything

Pomeranians love sniffing everything, especially when outdoors.

Dogs use their noses as one of their main tools of communication.

Smelling other dogs and where other dogs have been is a natural instinct this is not only necessary for dogs it’s very enjoyable for most Pomeranians.

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Pomeranians Love Routine

Pomeranians love a predictable routine just as much as I do.

Being about to predict the day and its activities helps Pomeranians that experience anxiety.

Every day in the evening my Cream Pomeranian Murphy will grab his favorite hedgehog toy and start following me around the house with it in his mouth waiting for me to sit down so he can cuddle up next to me.

What Do Pomeranians Like To Do

Do Pomeranians Like To Eat

Pomeranians love eating.

Providing high-quality food in the perfect portion size for your Pomeranian is sure to make your dog happy and healthy.

You can also give your Pomeranian delicious dog treats, some even enjoy having their treats hidden in toys or puzzles.

Pomeranians Love To Socialize

Many Pomeranians enjoy socializing with other dogs and people.

You do need to be careful about the dogs that your Pomeranian socializes with since Pomeranians are so small in stature.

A large dog can be intimidating and dangerous.

Usually, Pomeranians enjoy socializing most with those that they are already familiar with friends, and family.

How Can I Make My Pomeranian Happy

Keeping a Pomeranian happy is very easy if you have plenty of time to spend with your dog and give it lots of attention.

Pomeranians love being with you more than anything.

If you can be at home with your dog often and bring your dog with you on adventures they are more likely to be happy when compared with a dog that is often left alone.

Lots of love, play, and cuddles are also very important elements of keeping your Pomeranian healthy.

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Final Thoughts

Pomeranians are naturally very happy dogs that enjoy a very simple life that involves spending lots of time by their owner’s side.

They become extremely attached to their owners and often become the most attached to one special person.

With Pomeranians, if you provide them the love and attention that they desire you will receive that same love and attention back in the form of cuddles, kisses, and smiles.

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