what does a pomeranian look like

What Does A Pomeranian Look Like (With Pictures)

Pomeranians are very popular little companions but, what exactly should a Pomeranian look like?

The Pomeranian is a perfect lap dog and companion that is small in stature and big on fluffy fur and personality. Although Pomeranians can vary a bit in appearance, especially in their facial proportions, all Pomeranians should look very similar.

What Do Pomeranians Look Like

Pomeranians are small in stature with extremely unforgettable fluffy coats with curly tails that curl over onto their backs.

Their cute faces look similar to a fox with short noses and perky little ears sitting on top of their heads.

Pomeranains belong to a group of dogs that are known as spitz.

Spitz dogs often have similar appearances although they can be drastically different in size.

Spitz like the Pomeranian, Samoyed, Norwegian Elkhound, and Alaskan Malamute originate from cold arctic regions and often had very similar societal roles.

Pomeranian Origin And History (Explained)

How Small Are Pomeranians

Although, they were always as small as they are today a Pomeranian on average will grow to 6 to 7 inches tall.

There are some Pomeranians that are smaller than the average, we refer to them as teacup Pomeranians.

On the other side are larger Throwback Pomeranians that have more genetics from their ancestors and will be larger than the standard.

How Big Do Pomeranians Get?

How Much Do Pomeranians Weigh

Pomeranians can weigh between 3 to 7 pounds.

The average Pomeranian will weigh under 7 pounds but, there are many that end up over this weight due to either being overweight or with larger genetics.

You may come across some Pomeranains that weigh up to 14 pounds.

Pomeranian Weight Chart

What Does A Pomeranians Coat Look Like

Pomeranains have on the most amazing double coats that I have ever seen.

A double coat consists of a dense inner layer called ground hairs.

The inner coat is meant to keep the dog warm and protects its skin from harsh weather, hot or cold.

The outer coat consists of much long fur that is more coarse in texture if you could ever refer to the soft Pomeranian as coarse.

what do pomeranians look like

What Colors Can A Pomeranians Coat Be

A Pomeranains coat can come in an abundant variety of 26 different coat colors including rare colors like lavender and beaver.

The most well know classic Pomeranian coat color is orange.

Some other very common and popular Pomeranian coat colors are white, cream, black, and black and tan.

What Should A Pomeranians Tail Look Like

A Pomeranian’s tail is one of the most characteristic features of a Pomeranian.

You should see a tail that is full of fur that naturally curls up onto the dog’s back and comfortably lays flat.

Why Do Pomeranians Have Curly Tails?

Do Pomeranians Have Fluffy Butts

Pomeranains have adorable little fluffy hindquarters that are full of fur.

You do have to be aware that if your Pomeranian has very dense fur, it may develop mats in the hindquarters or butt area.

What Does A Pomeranians Face Look Like

The Pomeranian’s face and head are very distinct and must fall within the breed standard.

A Pomeranian’s head should be rounded, not domed like its friend the Chihuahua.

The Pomeranians muzzle is short although, it can range in size making it confusing at times.

Pomeranians with a variety of muzzle lengths can often be referred to as baby dolls, fox faces, and teddy bears.

What Are The Different Types Of Pomeranian Faces?

The small, soft, and perky ears should sit on top of the Pomeranian’s head.

A Pomeranian’s expression should be alert, intelligent, and happy.

Do Pomeranians Look Happy

Pomeranians often have an expression of pure joy on their faces, this matches the love and joy that they give to their owners.

what does a pomeranian look like

What Should A Pomeranians Eyes Look Like

A Pomeranian’s eyes can come in a variety of colors ranging from shades of brown, blue, and even odd-colored eyes with one of each color.

The Pomeranian’s eyes should be small, almond-shaped, and evenly spaced apart on the dog’s face.

Pomeranians Eye Colors (Explained)

What Should A Pomeranian Look Like When It Walks

Pomeranians tend to walk with a very confident stride almost appearing as if they are strutting across the floor.

A Pomeranian’s head will be held high and proud.

You will notice that a Pomeranian can quickly jump into a run or trot and appear just as graceful as they did when they were walking.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, Pomeranians are one of the cutest dog breeds I have ever seen.

Pomeranians are the perfect lap dog size with welcoming faces and squishable fluffy fur.

There are many other dog breeds that look similar to Pomeranians and often have the same origins but, the Pomeranian will always be a standout on its own.

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