What do pomeranians need to get done at the groomers

What Does Dog Grooming For A Pomeranian Cost (13 Examples)

Keeping your fluffy Pomeranian well-groomed is important. Occasionally, you may want to take your dog to a professional groomer for grooming but, what does dog grooming for a Pomeranian cost?

The cost to have a Pomeranian groomed will range from $10-$80. The cost of your Pomeranians grooming visit will depend on if you purchase a bundled grooming package that ranges from $20-$80.00 or Ala Carte Services like nail trimming, ear cleaning, bathing, teeth brushing, and anal expression which range from $10-$25.

Let’s take a closer look at 13 real grooming examples to better understand the grooming services offered and what you can expect to pay.

How Often Do Pomeranians Need To Be Professionally Groomed

The majority of your Pomeranian’s grooming can be done at home. I would suggest bringing your dog to a professional groomer two to four times a year.

Taking your dog to a professional groomer has its advantages beyond the obvious grooming. A groomer will also check for skin conditions and parasites. Your veterinarian and groomer, will both make sure your Pomeranian’s teeth, ears, eyes, and nails look healthy.

When Should My Pomeranian Start Going To The Groomers

As with anything that you want your dog to be comfortable with, it’s best to start when they are young. When you start your puppy young they are less likely to have a fear or feelings of dislike towards the grooming experience.

Many professional groomers have special puppy packages available. Ask your groomers if it’s possible to bring your puppy in for a meet-and-greet appointment so your dog can get a feel for the experience.

Start first with good grooming practices at home like daily brushing, nail trimming, and tooth brushing.

What Do Pomeranians Need To Have Done At The Groomers

There are many different things that dogs can have done at a professional groomer. The following grooming services are the most common for a Pomeranian.


A nice bath with good quality shampoo and conditioner is a great way to get your Pomeranian’s fur clean and fluffy.

Nail Trimming

Your Pomeranian’s nails will need to be trimmed about every four weeks. You can trim your dog’s nails less often if they are very active outdoors on hard surfaces. This is a great service to have done while your dog is at the groomer.

Fur Mat Removal

Your Pomeranian may get some small mats or tangles which can be hard for you to remove. Pomeranians tend to get them behind their ears. It is usually best to have a professional groomer remove them for you.

Anal Sac Expression

The anal sacs are two small pouchlike structures that are on either side of the rectum. These sacs are similar to skunk scent glands. They happen to produce an extremely smelly substance that usually gets expressed when your dog has a bowel movement. They can also express the glands when they are frightened or afraid.

Your Pomeranian’s anal sacs may not express themselves as often as they should. If they don’t your dog can become uncomfortable and begin scooting its bum on the floor and chewing at its rear trying to relieve the discomfort.

Most people will prefer to have their dog’s anal sacs expressed by a professional groomer or vet than doing it themselves.

Teeth Brushing

Proper dental care is very important for your Pomeranian. It goes beyond looking good, keeping your dog’s teeth and gums healthy is very important to your dog’s overall health.

Brushing your dog’s teeth at home can help in the prevention of gingivitis, periodontitis, and periodontal abscesses.

I don’t suggest having a groomer perform any dental care on your pup unless you have been introducing it to your dog at home and they are already comfortable with the experience.

Eye Cleaning

Many dogs will have tear stains under their eyes. These stains are a brownish-red discoloration from excessive draining. You may want to have your dog’s eyes cleaned when they are at the groomer.

Ear Cleaning

Your dog’s ears don’t require a lot of cleaning, if it looks like they could use cleaning your groomer can perform this service.

Should I Get My Pomeranian Trimmed or Shaved At The Groomers

Your Pomeranian may need a small trim around their paws, sanitary area, and maybe some scraggly hairs. Besides minimal trimming, a Pomeranian does not need any additional haircutting.

There has been a trend to shave your dog to look like the famous dog Boo, a lion, or a teddy bear. This is a mistake and shouldn’t be done. Although these shaved lion cuts and teddy bear cuts are cute, they are not natural for a Pomeranian.

A Pomeranian has a naturally beautiful double coat that is meant to help cool and keep your dog warm. Shaving that fur can make it challenging for your dog’s to naturally keep it’s self warm and cool. Shaving your dog also makes them vulnerable to sunburn and heatstroke.

The worst possibility of all is your Pomeranian’s fur may never grow back if the inner coat is cut too short.

A nice show trim of trimming just straggly hairs is ok but, I would not go beyond that. Make sure your communication is clear with your groomer and that you are using a groomer that you trust.

What Are The Different Pomeranian Haircuts?

Comparison Of Pomeranian Grooming Costs

Mini Make Rover- 20.00
nail trim, buffing, ear cleaning, paw balm, scented spritz

Mini Make Rover Plus- 25.00
nail trim, buffing, ear cleaning, paw balm, scented spritz, teeth brushing and breath refresh
12.0010.00 / 15.00 (with buffing)10.00starts at 10.0025.0010.00
Groom- starting at 31.00
bath, nail trimming, teeth cleaning, ear cleaning
12.0010.009.00case by case20.0012.00
Pet Palace
(Indiana, Ohio, North Carolina)
Mini Groom- 45.008.0010.0010.00case by case25.0010.00
Spa Bath- 45-80 shampoo, condition, nail trim, ear cleaning, brush, scent spritz

Groom- starting at 61.0010.0012.0010.00case by case25.0010.00
Paradise 4 Paws (DFW)Full-Service Spaw- 62.00 bath, blow dry, brush, ear cleaning, nail trim, fur trim15.00-20.0015.00-20.0010.00-15.0010.0030-6525.00-45.00
Mutts & Co.
1.00 per minute20.0012.005.00Included in the Bath packageincluded in Spaw service10.00
Krisers (Chicago)Full Bath -46.00
bath, massage, gland expression, dry, brush, nail trim, ear cleaning, finishing spray
15.0015.0010.00case by caseIncluded in Bath package10.00
(St. Loius, MO)
Grooming- 35.00
bath, nail trimming, ear cleaning, mats, and anal expression
10.0020.00 (trim and filing)10.00case by case35.00 package10.00
The Pet Station
Grooming starting at 35.007.0013.0013.00case by caseStarting at 35.0015.00
Care A Lot Pet Supply
Grooming starting at 40.0010.0010.005.00case by caseStarting at 40.0010.00
Park 9 Dogs
Starts at 45.0015.0022.0012.0030.00 per half hourstarts at 45.0015.00
Urban Dog
Full Groom- 79.00
shampoo, condition, nail trim, gland expression, fresh breath, facial, sanitary trim
Pet Supplies Plus
Dog Bath- 35.00
bath, ear cleaning, nail trim, brush, blow dry

On Average How Much Does It Cost For A Pomeranian To Be Groomed

After researching the prices for grooming services at 13 different grooming businesses across the United States and one in Canada I’ve discovered that the price to groom a Pomeranian is pretty much standardized.

There will always be some exceptions that are higher than the rest it may be the level of services they offer or the area where the business is located.

The following prices are what you should expect to pay for a Pomeranian to be groomed. Do keep in mind that you may not need all of these grooming services done every time your Pomeranian goes to the groomer.

What Does A Grooming Package Cost For A Pomeranian

Grooming packages are where you are going to get the most value for your money. A package is made up of an assortment of common grooming services bundled together. A grooming package for a Pomeranian usually includes a bath, drying, nail clipping, ear cleaning and, teeth cleaning. The average price you should expect to pay for a grooming package is $35.00-$45.00.

How Much Does Teeth Brushing Cost For A Pomeranian

The average price to have a groomer professionally brush your dog’s teeth is $12.00.

How Much Does It Cost For A Pomeranian To Have Its Nails Trimmed

The average price for a groomer to trim your Pomeranian’s nails is $15.00.

How Much Does It Cost To Have My Pomeranian’s Ears Cleaned At The Groomers

The average price to have your Pomeranian’s ears cleaned by a groomer is $10.00

How Much Does It Cost To Have My Pomeranian Dematted

Having your Pomeranian’s mats or tangles removed by a groomer varies in price depending on how matted your dog’s fur is and how long it takes to remove the matted fur.

How Much Does It Cost To Have My Pomeranian Bathed At The Groomers

The average price for your Pomeranian to have a bath at the groomer is $25.00.

How Much Does It Cost To Have My Pomeranian’s Anal Glands Expressed

The average price for an anal gland expression at the groomer is $10.00

What Does Dog Grooming For A Pomeranian Cost

Do I Need To Tip My Dog Groomer

A dog groomer is in an industry like a waitress or hairstylist that should be tipped when they have provided a great service to their customers.

A tip should be to show your appreciation for the job they have done. Many groomers go above and beyond and sometimes perform services for free.

How Much Do I Tip My Dog Groomer

It is customary to tip your dog groomer between 15-20 percent of the service total. There are things you should take into consideration when determining the tip you should give your groomer.

  • Was your groomer professional – Did they explain everything to you and answer any questions that you had?
  • How are the results- Did the groomer do a good job? Did they go above and beyond?
  • What services were performed- Some services may deserve additional tipping, skunk scent removal, teeth cleaning, and anal expression.
  • How comfortable was your dog- Did the groomer help make your dog feel comfortable during the grooming experience?
  • Did your dog bite, nip, or scratch the groomer?- If your dog showed aggression and your groomer responded in a professional manner additional tipping may be nice.
  • Was your dog extremely dirty- If your dog was very dirty it is nice to increase your tip amount.
  • Did your dog have lots of matting or shedding- If your groomer needs to remove lots of mats or do additional brushing to work with a lot of shedding an increased tip may be warranted.
  • If you have an elderly dog that needs more assistance and care- If your groomer offered additional care for your elderly dog additional tipping would be a way to show your appreciation.

How Long Does A Dog Grooming Appointment Take

A dog grooming appointment can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 4 hours depending on the services you are getting. Ask your groomer ahead of time how long the appointment will be and make sure they know how to contact you when your dog is finished.

Can I Groom My Pomeranian At Home

I highly recommend doing some of your dog’s grooming at home.


Your fluffy Pomeranian should be brushed daily or weekly using the correct grooming tools.

  • Stiff Bristle Brush- for everyday brushing
  • Wire Pin Brush- a brush with fine metal bristles that can be with or without rubber tips is another great everyday general brush
  • Slicker Brush- a brush with longer metal bristles usually set in a rubber or foam base
  • Metal Comb- a comb used to search for tangles


Your Pomeranian may need a bath every six to eight weeks, as long as he or she hasn’t come into contact with something that requires an immediate bath. For bathing, I suggest the following.

  • Shampoo- a good nontoxic shampoo is a must
  • Conditioner- a creme rinse or conditioner will help make your Pomeranians coat my shiny
  • Sponges- for spot cleaning
  • Towels- for drying off
  • Hairdryer- for drying

Foot Care

Being aware of your Pomeranian foot care needs is very important. The following grooming supplies will come in handy.

  • Nail clippers- a must-have for keeping your dog’s nails trimmed
  • Paw Wax- paw wax can help protect your dog’s soft pads of their feet when they are walking on hot surfaces or in cold icy conditions.

Nose And Ear Care

Your Pomeranian’s sensitive ears and nose can sometimes use some attention.

  • Canine Ear Cleaner (and cotton balls)- always use a safe ear cleaner made for dogs. Follow the instructions as noted on the ear cleaner packaging.
  • Nose Balm- your dog’s nose can sometimes get dry and chapped, it can also need sun protection.

Final Thoughts

Pomeranians can require grooming at a professional groomer a couple times of a year.

The best value is purchasing a grooming package that includes bathing, blow-drying, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and teeth brushing.

You may only need to visit the groomers occasionally for mat removal or anal gland expression.

The majority of your Pomeranian grooming can be done by you at home on a routine basis. When you do bring your dog to a groomer make sure it’s a reputable groomer and that you have clear communication about your dog’s appointment.

I personally only have experience with Pet Paradise and only at one location. Every business, location, the groomer will give you a different experience.

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