What is a baby doll pomeranian

What Is A Baby Doll Pomeranian

If you have ever heard of the term “Baby Doll Pomeranian” you may be wondering what exactly is a Baby Doll Pomeranian and how are they different from other Pomeranians.

Baby Doll Pomeranian is a term that has been given to Pomeranians that have a shorter muzzle in comparison to the fox face breed standard. The baby doll Pomeranian’s muzzle is also longer than the Teddy Bear Pomeranian.

In this article, I discuss what is a baby doll Pomeranian and how they are different from other Pomeranians.

What Are Baby Doll Pomeranians

The term “Baby Doll Pomeranian” is used to describe a Pomeranian whose facial features (mainly its muzzle) falls between the traditional “Fox Face” and the “Teddy Bear”.

The Fox Face Pomeranian is the breed standard for Pomeranians with a muzzle that is 1/3 to 2/3 the length of its skull.

Teddy Bear Pomeranians have the shortest muzzle of them all, measuring 1/4 of the dog’s skull.

Baby Doll Pomeranians fall right in the middle.

How big do baby doll pomeranians get

What Does A Baby Doll Pomeranian Look Like

A Baby Doll Pomeranian will have a muzzle that is shorter than the breed standard.

Its muzzle will measure between 1/3 and 1/4 the length of its skull.

Are Baby Doll Pomeranians Their Own Breed

There is only one breed of Pomeranian.

It can often be confusing with so many different terms and nicknames used to describe the unique features that each Pomeranian can have.

Although we may describe Pomeranians in many ways there is only one official type of Pomeranian.

How Big Does A Baby Doll Pomeranian Get

Baby Doll Pomeranians are the same size as a standard Pomeranian.

The AKC Standard lists Pomeranians as weighing 3 to 7 pounds with a height of 6 to 7 inches.

There are many Pomeranians that will fall outside of these metrics.

If a Pomeranian is smaller than the standard it usually gets the nickname of being a “Teacup Pomeranian”.

If a Pomeranian is larger than the standard it may be referred to as a “Throwback Pomeranian“.

What Colors Do Baby Doll Pomeranians Come In

Pomeranians come in a large variety of colors and patterns.

At this point in time, there are 26 different color and pattern possibilities within the Pomeranian breed.

Are Baby Doll Pomeranians Good Pets

Pomeranians are perfect pets for the right owner.

You can expect a Pomeranian to be an affectionate and feisty little companion.

Pomeranians have an average level of energy. They would enjoy a quick run and play in the yard and then cuddle up on your lap for an afternoon nap.

Pomeranians are known to become very attached to their families and sometimes one person specifically. If you are that person you can expect your Pomeranian to be your shadow.

Since Pomeranians become very attached they are also prone to separation anxiety and should not be left alone for long hours. If you are often away from home, a Pomeranian may not be the best fit.

I would not recommend a Pomeranian for a family with very young children. Pomeranians are very small and can often get injured by, a young child that is unaware.

Are Pomeranians Good With Kids?

what is the lifespan of a baby doll pomeranian

What Is A Baby Doll Pomeranian’s Temperament

Pomeranians are known for their big dog attitudes within a tiny body.

You may be surprised when your little four-pound Pomeranian ends up being a fantastic watchdog.

Some of the traits you can expect in a Pomeranian are.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Baby Doll Pomeranian

Pomeranians will live on average from 12 to 14 years of age.

Are Baby Doll Pomeranians Healthy

A Baby Doll Pomeranian is not at any higher risk for health problems when compared to other Pomeranians.

Pomeranians as a breed are vulnerable to certain health conditions.

Do Baby Doll Pomeranians Have Different Coats

Pomeranians have thick double coats of fur.

The inner coat called ground hair is made from a thick and dense layer of fur almost like wool. The outer layer which is called guard hair is much longer and harder in texture.

Even with these same building blocks, each dog’s coat can vary.

Some dogs have a thicker undercoat which in turn makes their outer hair stick out more, this gives a big and fluffy overall appearance.

Other dogs may have very long outer guard hair when compared to others.

What does a baby doll pomeranian look like

What’s The Difference Between A Baby Doll And Fox Face Pomeranian

A baby doll Pomeranian will have a shorter muzzle when compared to a fox face Pomeranian.

What’s The Difference Between A Baby Doll And A Teddy Bear Pomeranian

The teddy bear Pomeranian has the shortest muzzle of all, their eyes are often closer set to the dog’s muzzle and the cheeks appear very full.

The baby doll Pomeranian will have a muzzle that is noticeably longer than a teddy bear Pomeranian.

Are Baby Doll Pomeranians Hard To Maintain

Pomeranians are not as hard to maintain as some would think.

A Pomeranian does need to be brushed routinely to avoid mats from forming.

How often will vary from dog to dog. My Pomeranian Willow has a very dense coat that is more likely to get matted in comparison to our other Pomeranian Murphy.

Pomeranians need the occasional bath, roughly every 8 weeks or as needed.

How To Find A Baby Doll Pomeranian

Baby Doll Pomeranians may be hard to find.

Since puppies aren’t fully grown it can be hard to determine the exact size of their muzzle once fully grown.

By viewing photos of a breeder’s dogs and previous puppies you should be able to determine the range of muzzle sizes and their dog’s overall appearance.

This should be enough to let you know if their dogs have the look that you prefer.

How Much Do Baby Doll Pomeranians Cost

Baby Doll Pomeranians can cost between $1400.00 and $6000.00.

The wide range in price is based on supply and demand, genetics, and travel expenses.

What Are The Other Types Of Pomeranians

There are many terms that are used to describe the different physical features that a Pomeranian can have.

Some of these terms are.

Final Thoughts

Pomeranians will always have a special place in my heart regardless of their muzzle size.

I like them all the traditional fox face, short teddy bear, or the baby doll in between.

The baby doll Pomeranian may be the hardest to spot due to the fact that’s its muzzle is not long or very short.

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