What is a boo haircut

What Is A Boo Haircut

Boo, the Pomeranian may be the most famous Pomeranian there ever was. His signature look has inspired so many people to want their dogs to look the same. What is a Boo Haircut?

Boo, the Pomeranians haircut is known as a teddy bear cut. This cut requires shaving most of the Pomeranian’s body while rounding or square cutting around its face. While this haircut may be adorable it can cause permanent damage to a dog’s coat.

In this article, I provide all of the details regarding the “Boo Haircut”. Does this haircut last forever? Is it expensive and dangerous? Plus much more.

What Is A Boo Cut

A Boo cut trims and shaves a Pomeranian’s signature fluffy double coat to look like a teddy bear.

This famous Pomeranian haircut is often referred to as a Teddy Bear Cut.

The dog’s body is cut down to its inner coat resulting in a soft and short layer of body fur remaining.

The dog’s head and facial fur is then trimmed to give it a perfectly round shape around its face.

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Is Boos Fur Shaved

Boos fur was shaved down into his inner coat.

Pomeranians have double coats that consist of outer “guard hair” that is longer and more coarse in texture. Their inner coats are soft and dense.

The combination of the inner and outer coat helps protect a Pomeranian from the elements and helps to regulate their body temperature.

With Boos famous haircut, the outer guard hairs were completely removed in addition to shaving the inner coat by 50%.

Does a Boo haircut last forever

Does A Boo Haircut Last Forever

It’s a very serious decision for a Pomeranian owner to give their dog a Boo Haircut.

Shaving into a Pomeranian’s inner coat can permanently damage it. The damage to the inner coat may result in the fluffy double coat never growing back.

Shaving a Pomeranians fur is a lifelong descison.

Where the impacts of a Boo haircut last forever the perfectly trimmed results do not.

Does A Boo Haircut Need To Be Groomed Often

A dog with a Boo haircut will require regular grooming.

Although the fur may never grow back completely after being shaved it will grow in inconsistent patches requiring grooming to maintain.

Within a month of being groomed, you will notice sporadic clumps of fur growth.

Should You Make Your Pomeranian Look Like Boo?

Is A Boo Haircut Expensive

Visiting your dog groomer every month will add up in expenses.

The majority of groomers offer packages that start between $35 and $45 per groom.

Not only will the monetary costs of grooming add up, but the time needed to make and bring your dog to regular appointments will not be possible to avoid if you need to maintain this high-maintenance haircut.

What Does Dog Grooming For A Pomeranian Cost?

Is A Boo Haircut Hard To Do

A Boo haircut is a very difficult to do and achieve the correct results.

I would only recommend a professional groomer tackle a Boo haircut. There is a wide margin of error for an amateur to perfect.

A boo haircut requires many steps and grooming tools to complete.

  • The coat is washed and brushed
  • The first rough cut shave of the dog’s fur is completed
  • Detailed grooming and shaving are needed to even up the dog’s coat
  • Trimming around the face to give a rounded appearance
  • Trimming of paws

This is a simplified description to give you an idea of all the steps necessary for the “Boo Haircut”.

Is A Boo Haircut Dangerous

A Boo haircut can be dangerous to your dog in many ways.

I previously mentioned the permanent damage that can be done to a Pomeranian’s natural fully double coat.

A Pomeranian’s double coat helps protect them from the outside elements and helps regulate body temperature.

When the fur is shaved your Pomeranian will be at a higher risk for sunburn, heatstroke, frostbite, and hyperthermia.

Trimming a dog’s fur so close to the skin also puts your dog at risk for cuts and infections.

Is Boos Fur Shaved

Will My Pomeranian Look Like Boo

Not every Pomeranian with a Boo haircut will look like Boo.

Every dog’s fur, body shape, and size is unique which results in a variation of looks from the same haircut.

I would not expect your dog to look like Boo even if its coat is the same color.

Why Are Some Pomeranians Fluffier Than Others?

Are Their Other Types Of Pomeranian Haircuts

Other haircuts have become popular for Pomeranians.

  • Lion Cut
  • Show Cut
  • Kennel Cut
  • Puppy Cut
  • Fox Cut
  • Lamb Cut
  • Traditional Cut

I do not recommend the majority of these haircuts since they cut into the Pomeranian’s inner coat possibly causing permanent damage.

It is ok to have your Pomeranians groomed and trimmed to look neat and clean. This can be done in a way that doesn’t damage the dog’s coat and lets its natural beauty shine.

Does A Boo Haircut Change A Pomeranians Personality

We often forget to consider a dog’s emotional well-being when it comes to grooming.

It’s more than just the act of being groomed that should be considered.

A Pomeranian has a natural coat that is full of beautiful fur, removing that can change the way a dog feels and can damage their confidence and personality.

If your dog has always had its fur, removing all of it may be a shock for your dog.

Why Was Boos Fur Shaved

I’ve read a few different reasons why Boo was given his famous haircut.

They range from his fur being matted so bad it had to be shaved down to him having alopecia or Black Skin Disease.

I’m not sure if either of those is true.

What Causes Hair Loss In Pomeranians?

Final Thoughts

Boo may have been adorable which I can’t deny.

He made the teddy bear cut famous and sparked a trend in look-alike Pomeranians.

Regardless, I can’t support the Boo Haircut.

Unfortunately, the majority of the Pomeranian owners that have their dog’s fur cut into a “Boo Cut” may be unaware of the dangers and damage that can be done.

There may be circumstances where this haircut makes sense if severely matted fur can not be brushed or if your dog is suffering from hair loss.

Pomeranians are naturally beautiful fluff balls that should be loved and appreciated as they were intended to be.

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