What is a throwback Pomeranian

What Is A Throwback Pomeranian

You may have heard the term “Throwback Pomeranian” and wondered what it means. This article is the ultimate guide to Throwback Pomeranians. I’ll answer all of your questions starting with “What is a Throwback Pomeranian?”.

A Throwback Pomeranian is a purebred Pomeranian that carries genetics similar to its ancestors. Throwback Pomeranians are larger than today’s standard weighing at least 14 lbs, and are more active with stronger prey drives.

What Does Throwback Mean

The definition of the word throwback when it is used in biology means.

  • The reversion to an ancestral or earlier type of character.
  • An individual has the characteristics of a remote ancestor or primitive type.

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What Are Throwback Pomeranians

Just like the definition says a throwback Pomeranian is one that is similar to its ancestors.

Throwback Pomeranians will typically have a line of genetics that dates back to long-ago ancestors.

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What Is The History Of Throwback Pomeranians

To fully understand throwback Pomeranians we need to go back to the beginning for a moment to see what the breed’s ancestors were like.

Pomeranians have not always been the small lap dogs that they are today.

Pomeranians originate from Northern Europe in a region once known as Pomerania.

Our Pomeranians of the past were hardworking dogs used to pull sleds, herd livestock, hunt, and alarm their owners of dangers.

It’s hard to imagine our small fluffy friends in this role. Pomeranians used to be much larger in size weighing around twenty to forty pounds.

The size and stature of Pomeranians were similar to an Icelandic Sheepdog, Shiba Inu, American Eskimo Dog, and Keeshond.

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How Did Pomeranians Get So Small

If Pomeranians were once medium-sized dogs in stature how did they become tiny lap dogs?

Through time Pomeranians gained in popularity as companions and naturally reduced in size.

It wasn’t until the late 1800s when Queen Victoria fell in love with Pomeranians and started breeding them on her own that the petite stature and popularity skyrocketed.

Queen Victoria had a desire for her Pomeranians to be small in size so she could fit them on her lap.

The Queen developed her own breeding program that resulted in much smaller Pomeranians.

Once her Pomeranains made it to the biggest stage and became champion show dogs the smaller stature became the most sought after and the rest is history.

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What Does A Throwback Pomeranian Look Like

A throwback Pomeranian is larger in size compared to the breed standard.

WEIGHT3 to 7 lbsmust be over 14lbs
  • A Throwback Pomeranian must not be over 14lbs due to being overweight.
  • A Throwback Pomeranian must also be a purebred Pomeranian.
What does a throwback Pomeranian look like

What Is A Partial Throwback Pomeranian

We have the breed standard that comes in at three to seven pounds and throwback Pomeranians that are over fourteen pounds, what about a Pomeranian that is between seven and fourteen pounds?

Pomeranians that weigh between ten and fourteen pounds are referred to as partial throwbacks and may contain similar genetics as throwbacks.

A Pomeranian that weighs between seven to ten pounds is typically a dog that is a bit larger in stature than the standard and can be referred to as having sturdy bones.

WEIGHT3 to 7 lbsmust be over 14lbs10 to 14lbs7 to 10lbs

Since a true Throwback Pom carries genetics that date farther back to its ancestors being a throwback is not completely about the Pomeranains size but, size can be a good indication if a Pomeranian has Throwback genetics.

  • As mentioned before a Pomeranian must be a healthy weight before determining its true stature.

Pomeranian Breed Standard To Partial Throwback Comparison

I’m able to provide you will an actual breed standard to partial throwback comparison.

My dog Willow is a 4.5lb female black Pomeranian that fits perfectly into the breed standard classifications.

My dog Murphy is a big cream boy weighing in at 10lbs representing the partial throwback group.

Both dogs are at their ideal weights for their statures and come from different breeding pairs. They are both from the same breeder who happened to have both throwback Pomeranains and more petite-sized current AKC show standards.

From personal experience it’s much harder keeping our small dog Willow at a healthy weight, she puts on extra weight much easier than our boy Murphy. We have to make sure she doesn’t steal some of Murphy’s food. He will just step back and watch her eat it all.

What is the biggest a Pomeranian can get

What the Biggest A Pomeranian Can Get

Pomeranians do not have a maximum size.

It’s not uncommon for Throwback Pomeranians to be around twenty pounds.

You must be careful a make sure that your Pomeranian is not overweight. It is very common for toy breeds like Pomeranians to put on extra weight which can be detrimental to their health.

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How Long Do Throwback Pomeranians Live

Throwback Pomeranians have the same lifespan as breed standard Pomeranians do living on average to 12 to 16 years.

Do Throwback Pomeranians Have Health Issues

Throwback Pomeranians do not have any more health issues compared to the breed standard.

Some of the common health concerns for any Pomeranians include.

  • Collapsed Tracheas
  • Luxating Patellas
  • Alopecia
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Dental Problems
  • Eye Issues

It could even be argued that Throwback Pomeranians may even be more healthy than smaller Pomeranians. Some extremely small teacup Pomeranians can sometimes be the result of unethical breeding standards trying to achieve the tiny size. These small Pomeranians are sometimes faced with many heartbreaking health problems.

What’s A Throwback Pomeranian Temperament

A throwback Pomeranian temperament is similar to any Pomeranian.

  • Loving
  • Intelligent
  • Playful
  • Extroverted
  • Cuddly
  • Affectionate
  • Protective

Throwback Pomeranians may have some temperamental traits that stem back to their ancestors.

Throwback Pomeranians in particular can have higher prey drives and chase after smaller animals, be more active, and want to run outside more, show more of an independent streak, and can be harder to house train.

In simple terms, Throwback Pomeranians can have a more wild active personality compared to a standard Pomeranian that does not carry throwback genetics.

What Is The Price Of A Throwback Pomeranian

Throwback Pomeranians cost the same as standard Pomeranians.

A Pomeranian Puppy can range from $1000 to $7000.

Why is there such a range in price?

There are many factors that determine a Pomeranian puppy’s price including genetics, show quality, travel needs, the puppy’s age, and where you purchase your puppy from.

I recommend only getting a Pomeranian through a reputable breeder, rescue, or shelter.

Puppies from pet stores can come from questionable backgrounds and are very expensive for a puppy that you don’t even know its genetics and health status.

Are Throwback Pomeranians Rare

Throwback Pomeranians are rare.

As the popularity of tiny toy dogs has grown fewer breeders are selecting breeding pairs that contain throwback genetics.

The majority of breeders today are breeding according to the breed standard.

If you are looking for a throwback Pomeranian it may be easier to find a partial throwback.

The first step to finding a larger Pomeranian is to contact a variety of breeders to see if you can find one that has dogs on the larger end of the spectrum. Let the breeders know that you are looking for a larger dog, sometimes a litter may end up with a puppy that is larger than expected.

Another option for those interested in a bigger dog is to look into other spitz breeds that are similar to Pomeranians like the German Spitz, American Eskimo Dog, Keeshond, Japanise Spitz, and Finnish Lappland.

Are Throwback Pomeranians Good With Kids

Pomeranians in general are very good with kids.

Throwback Pomeranians may even be a better fit in a home with children.

One of the biggest concerns regarding Pomeranians in homes with young children is the small size of a Pomeranian in relation to the rough and uncoordinated nature of young children.

A larger throwback Pomeranian would be larger in size and less likely to get underfoot.

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How Do I Know If My Throwback Pomeranian Is Purebred

The only way to be completely sure that your Pomeranian is purebred is that it will have AKC papers.

The AKC requires puppies to have three generations of pedigrees in order to be an AKC purebred.

A puppy that comes with AKC papers is often more expensive than a puppy without papers.

Some breeders have purebred puppies but, do not go through the process of providing AKC papers with their puppies.

It’s up to you if you are comfortable with this option. We purchased our puppies from a breeder that had papers for the parents but, sold the puppies as pets without papers.

The puppies were not to be bred or become show dogs.

Can A Throwback Pomeranian Come From The Same Litter As Regular Sized Pomeranians

A Throwback Pomeranian can come from a litter that has standard or much smaller Pomeranians.

You never really know what genetics will shine in each puppy.

Is A Mixed Breed A Throwback Pomeranian

A mixed breed is not a Throwback Pomeranian.

Mixed breeds are uniquely their own. Some Pomeranian mixed breeds that have become popular are the Pomsky and Pomchi.

Can Throwback Pomeranians Be Show Dogs

Unfortunately, Throwback Pomeranians can not be show dogs.

A throwback Pomeranian is outside of the show standards for Pomeranians.

A show Pomeranian must be between 3 to 7 pounds and 6 to 7 inches tall.

Final Thoughts

Personally, I love Pomeranians of all sizes.

If you are thinking about adding a Pomeranian to your family you can’t go wrong with a standard Pomeranian or a Throwback Pomeranian.

Most likely you will come across puppies that will fit within the breed standard of 3 to 7 pounds with some like my Murphy coming closer to 10lbs.

It’s important that if you have a preference in size you discuss it with potential breeders to ensure that you are fit with the best puppy.

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