When Do Pomeranians Stop Teething

When Do Pomeranians Stop Teething (Quick Facts)

If you have ever had a puppy, you have experienced the teething stage where your puppy chews and bites everything in sight.

When do Pomeranians stop teething?

The majority of Pomeranians will be finished teething by the time they are six months old. Some may be late bloomers and will not have all of their adult teeth until they are a little older. Your vet can advise you of any possible concerns that could require intervention.

Pomeranian Teething Time Line

The following timeline gives you an idea of what you can expect and when to expect it.

Weeks 2 to 4

Puppies that are two to four weeks of age will be just starting to get their baby teeth.

Weeks 5 to 6

By weeks five and six your Pomeranian puppy will have a full set of 28 baby teeth.

Puppies at this age will be starting to wean and be introduced to solid and soft puppy foods.

Weeks 7 to 11

During this time a Pomeranian puppy is learning many things about this new world they live in and growing at a rapid rate.

Puppies will become fully weaned and dependent on solid and soft puppy foods.

Weeks 12 to 16

By twelve to sixteen weeks of age, your puppy will be in its forever home and starting to lose its little baby teeth.

Teething can be very painful for your puppy causing your puppy to bite and chew on anything and everything.

Those little sharp puppy teeth are sharp and can hurt if they bite you.

16 Weeks

Around sixteen weeks you can expect your puppy’s adult incisors to start making their appearance.

20 Weeks

By twenty weeks of age, your dog’s canine teeth will start growing.

24 Weeks

Around twenty-four weeks of age, your Pomeranian’s molars will start growing.

6 Months And Older

By the time your dog reaches six months of age all of its baby teeth should’ve fallen out and been replaced by its adult teeth.

Adult dogs have 42 teeth in total.

What Happens During Teething

When a puppy is teething its gums feel pressure, itching, and discomfort.

All your puppy wants to do is bring relief to the uncomfortable and painful feelings that it is experiencing.

Since puppies are still young when they go through the teething process, they haven’t learned that toys are the best option for chewing, instead, nothing is off-limits.

You can expect a teething puppy to chew on anything including shoes, furniture, and your fingers.

What Are The Worst Puppy Teething Months

The worst months for a teething puppy are between four and six months of age.

During this time your puppy should lose all of its baby teeth with its adult teeth growing in to replace them.

What Happens If My Dogs Baby Teeth Don’t Come Out

Some dogs will lose their baby teeth later than others without it being a concern.

Your vet will also look at your dog’s teeth during regular appointments during the first year of life for vaccination and spaying or neutering.

Your vet may suggest removing some of your dog’s puppy teeth at the same time they are spayed or neutered making it a simple process if needed.

Pomeranian Teething Time Line

What Can You Do To Help A Teething Pomeranian Puppy

  • Provide plenty of chew toys
  • Freeze toys and fruit
  • Play with your dog
  • Give herbal tea

Provide Chew Toys During Teething

Making sure that your puppy has plenty of chew toys as well as a nice variety of chew toys during teething is extremely important.

Even with lots of chew toys, it can be hard to make sure that your puppy is only chewing on toys and not on other things in your home.

Mix up your pups’ toys collection with squeak toys, rope toys, and toys that you can stuff treats into.

Freeze Some of Your Dogs Toys And Treats

You can freeze some of your dog’s toys or some pieces of banana or strawberry as a nice way to help soothe your dog’s sore gums.

Keep Your Dog Busy

Keeping your dog busy helps keep its mind off of the uncomfortable sensations it may be getting from the teething teeth.

Play with your puppy often, especially with chew toys to help distract them and wear them out.

Give Your Dog Some Herbal Tea

Although, it may sound strange lavender and chamomile tea have many healing properties that can help with your dog’s teething.

Brew some weak tea for your dog and let it cool completely.

You can add the tea to your dog’s food, let them drink some, or give it to them with a syringe.

How To Prepare For Your Puppy Teething

Besides helping your puppy reduce the pain and discomfort you should prepare your home for the period of time when your puppy is teething to help reduce any possible destruction.

  • Puppy-proof the house
  • Use baby gates
  • Have designated areas for your dog
  • Don’t leave your dog alone

Puppy Proof Your House Ahead Of Teething

Before you bring home your puppy it’s a good idea to start puppy-proofing your home.

Your Pomeranian puppy will chew on anything it can easily get its mouth on including shoes, toys, remotes, books, bags, clothing, and furniture.

Be aware of cords that go to recliners, cell phones, computers, and TVs.

Personally, we’ve had the recliner cord chewed through twice and a couple of phone charging cords.

Your puppy will get into trouble within moments.

Also, while you are thinking about it make sure to keep an eye out for small objects or even dropped pills that could end up on the floor.

Utilize Baby Gates

A baby gate can be a lifesaver when you have a teething puppy.

Between using baby gates and keeping doors shut you can reduce the amount of area that your puppy can roam around in and get into trouble.

Have Designated Areas For You Puppy

Figure out exactly where the safest and easiest areas of your home are for your teething puppy.

Some areas may be the best for when your puppy is home alone, consider crate training for this as well.

Also, think about those areas where your puppy should only be in if he or she is being watched at all times.

Don’t Leave Your Dog Alone

This can go for when you are home alone and for when you aren’t.

Make sure your dog isn’t left unattended during this time if you can.

If you must leave your dog at home consider crate training or a designated smaller and safe area for your dog.

Final Thoughts

When your Pomeranian is teething it can feel like it is going to last forever and that everything in your home will get ruined.

Luckily, this is just a small period of time that will go away as soon as your puppy gets a little older and gets its adult teeth.

Doing your best to aid your puppy through its teething experience and preparing your home for all of the chew can help minimize the frustration that you and your puppy may feel.

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