Where do pomeranian like to be tickled

Where Are Pomeranians Ticklish (8 Places)

You are scratching your dog and it squirms with glee, you may wonder if dogs are ticklish and where are Pomeranians most ticklish.

Pomeranians can be ticklish just like you and me. Some of Pomeranians’ most ticklish spots are very similar to ours in places like our feet and belly. It can sometimes be hard to determine a tickle response from a reflex reaction.

Are Pomeranians Ticklish

The first step to determining if Pomeranians are ticklish is to look at how tickling is defined.

What Is A Tickle

A tickle is defined as a light touch that causes itching, involuntary twitching, and laughter.

Is A Dogs Involuntary Leg Shake A Sign Of Being Ticklish

Most experts would say that a dog’s involuntary leg shake, when you touch them, is a stimulation of the nerve cells sending signals to the dog’s leg causing the involuntary movement.

This body response is very similar if not the same to a human’s response to tickling.

Do Dogs Laugh

One of the main responses to tickling in humans is laughing, do dogs have a way of laughing too?

Dogs laugh in their own way, a large open grin with a tilted angle of the mouth is a dogs equivalent to laughing according to Nobel Prize-winning ethnologist, Konrad Lorenz.

A dog can also make little noises of joy and happiness that can resemble a laugh.

where do dogs like to be tickled

Do Dogs Laugh When They Are Tickled

Dogs can express laughter in their own ways when tickled, they may also enjoy it and lean into a tickle or not like it and pull away.

Why Are Pomeranians Ticklish

Pomeranians are ticklish for the same exact reason people are, it has to do with the nerves within the body.

There is a theory that we are ticklish as a defensive mechanism.

The majority of the spots where dogs and humans are ticklish have soft skin and are often vulnerable like the bottoms of your feet.

The response to pull back that body part when being touched may be the first line of defense from possible danger.

Where Are Pomeranians Ticklish

Dogs are often ticklish in very similar locations as we are.

  • Belly
  • Behind the ears
  • Chest
  • Paws
  • Base of their tails
  • Under their arms
  • Between Their Toes
  • On their neck

Are Pomeranians Ticklish On Their Paws

Pomeranians can be ticklish on their paws.

The best way to test if your dog is ticklish on the bottom of their feet is to lightly touch the pad of your dog’s foot and see what their response is.

If your dog pulls away it’s a sign that they are probably ticklish there.

Are Pomeranians Ticklish On Their Belly

Many Pomeranians are ticklish on their bellies and enjoy a good belly rub.

If your dog drops to the floor and rolls over to expose its belly with a cheerful grin on its face it’s a sure sign that it is one of your dog’s favorite spots to be rubbed.

Both of our Pomeranians enjoy a good belly rub.

Are Pomeranians Ticklish Behind Their Ears

The majority of dogs will enjoy a nice scratch behind the ears.

Behind the ears is a spot that is hard for your dog to scratch on its own, most dogs will enjoy it if you give them a good rub.

Are Pomeranians Ticklish On Their Chests

The chest right in between their two front legs is often a favorite spot to be tickled or rubbed.

Our little Pomeranian WIllow loves this spot rubbed. She will often close her eyes and start to fall asleep sitting up when her chest is rubbed.

Are Pomeranians Ticklish At The Base Of Their Tails

The base of a dog’s tail is full of sensitive nerve endings, a good scratch in this hard-to-reach spot is often very enjoyable for your dog.

Our Pomeranian Murphy loves being rubbed in this spot. He shows his joy with a big grin on his face with his tongue hanging out.

Are Pomeranians Ticklish Under Their Arms

Dogs are generally not as ticklish under their arms like people are, it is possible to get a reaction but, it’s not a dog’s most sensitive spot.

Are Pomeranains Ticklish Between Their Toes

The majority of dogs we feel some ticklish sensation is you touch the fur between their toes.

Most often a dog will jerk their feet away from you if you touch them there.

do dogs like to be tickled

Are Pomeranians Ticklish Under Their Necks

One of the most ticklish spots on a human is our neck area.

Dogs usually love to be rubbed and tickled under their necks.

Where Are Pomeranians Most Ticklish

The places where Pomeranians are most ticklish are on their bellies, their chest, and at the base of their tails.

If you start scratching one of these spots it won’t be long until you receive a response of a leg thumping on the floor, a wiggle of their butt or a rollover for more.

Do Dogs Enjoy Being Tickled

Every dog is different and can have a different response to touching or tickling.

With people, it’s easy to know if we enjoy being tickled or not because we can tell you.

It’s always best to watch your dog’s body language. If your dog is wagging its tail, rolling over, exposing its belly, and has its tongue hanging out most likely your dog is enjoying the rubbing.

If your dog tucks its tail between its legs, pins its ears back, or looks uncomfortable in any way it’s best to stop.

If your dog doesn’t seem to enjoy being rubbed it could be a sign of a health problem. Closely observe your dog for any more signs of discomfort.

Is It Bad To Tickle Your Dog

Some dogs may not enjoy being tickled at all and the act of being tickled could cause your dog anxiety.

Always be aware of your dog’s responses and never proceed farther or longer than your dog is comfortable with.

How Do You Know If Your Pomeranian Is Ticklish

It’s easy to find out if your dog is ticklish, lightly tickle your dog’s paw pad and see if it pulls its paw away, rub your dog at the base of its tail or on its chest, and see what type of reaction you get.

Is Your Pomeranian Ticklish Or Itchy

If your dog seems to be scratching often or if its skin has any signs of concern your dog may have dry skin, fleas, allergies, or a rash.

Final Thoughts

Dogs are sometimes a lot like humans with the way we both respond to being tickled as one of them.

Our first reaction is to pull away from the tickling sensation and giggle and squirm.

Some of us enjoy being tickled and some of us hate it (that’s me).

Tickling your dog can be a fun moment of bonding just make sure to read your dog’s body language and stop if they aren’t enjoying it.

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