Where should Pomeranians sleep

Where Should Pomeranians Sleep

You’ve heard of many different sleep options for your dog and opinions on them but, where should Pomeranians sleep?

Pomeranians are happy sleeping in many different places ranging from your bed, their own beds, or a dog crate. Determining where your Pomeranian should sleep is personal and depends on your lifestyle.

In this article, I discuss what the best sleeping options are for your Pomeranian and how to determine where your Pomeranian should sleep.

How To Choose A Place For Your Pomeranian To Sleep

With many different options and sleep methods for dogs, it can sometimes be hard to decide where your dog should sleep.

Making sure both you and your dog get a good night’s rest is important.

In the end, you should determine what feels right for you and your dog.

Where Should My Pomeranian Sleep At Night

The first step to determining where your Pomeranian should sleep is to evaluate what options you have and determine what works best for your lifestyle, schedule, and personality.

Many people will choose to have their dogs in their bedroom and others choose for their dogs to sleep elsewhere.

Where Should My Pomeranian Sleep During The Day

During the day your Pomeranian will often find their favorite spots to rest and take a nap.

Our dogs move around from place to place with their beds, our laps, and the couch as their favorite spots.

should I let me pomeranian sleep with me

Should My Pomeranian Sleep In The Same Room As Me

Letting your dog sleep in your bedroom is a personal choice.

There are a few things to consider when determining if your dog should sleep in your room.

  • Will the dog disturb your sleep?
  • Do you want your dog in your bedroom
  • Do you or your partner have allergies

Should I Let My Pomeranian Sleep With Me

Studies have shown that having your dog in the bed with you will disturb your sleep.

It’s up to you if you would like your dog in bed with you. There isn’t a right or wrong answer it’s a matter of personal preference.

Just make sure that both you and your partner are on board with the dog being in your bed.

There are things to think about when allowing your dog to sleep in your bed.

  • Make sure the dog is potty trained
  • If your dog has a dominant personality it may not be a good idea to allow your dog in your bed

Should Pomeranians Sleep In A Crate

Dogs are often happy sleeping in their crates. They feel cozy and secure when they sleep in their own space.

When your dog sleeps in its crate it also reduces the number of accidents that may happen and prevents your dog from getting into anything while you sleep.

Some of the negatives to having your dog sleep in its crate is the rattling noise a crate can make when your dog moves around and if your dog is not crate trained being in a crate might make it feel anxious and uncomfortable.

Where should my Pomeranian sleep at night

Can Pomeranians Sleep Outside

Pomeranians should never sleep outside. As a small dog, a Pomeranian is very vulnerable to the elements and to other animals that may see them as prey.

Where Should My New Puppy Sleep

Puppies should sleep in a dog crate right near your bed. You may even want to elevate the crate so it is at the same height as your bed.

Puppies and dogs in general like being close to people and feel comfortable in that.

Crate training your puppy will also help with potty training.

What Kind Of Beds Do Pomeranians Like

Pomeranians enjoy a nice soft space where they can curl up or stretch out and sleep peacefully.

Many Pomeranians like everything from a small cat bed, pillow bed, or cave bed.

Can Pomeranians sleep outside

Do Pomeranians Like Blankets

Many Pomeranians like to curl up on a blanket when they sleep.

My dogs will often dig at the blanket making a perfect little nest to lay down and sleep in.

Do Dogs Need A Night Light

Dogs do not need a night light in order to sleep. It is actually better to not have a light on at night so your dog can understand that it is a time for sleep when it is dark and a time for play when it is light.

How Much Sleep Should A Pomeranian Get

The amount of sleep that your Pomeranian will need depends on your dog’s age.

Newborn Puppies

A newborn Pomeranian puppy will sleep the majority of the time, only waking up to eat.

Pomeranian Puppies

From around 6 weeks of age until around a year old a Pomeranian puppy will still sleep for many hours averaging 18 to 20 hours a day.

Adult Pomeranians

An adult Pomeranian will sleep through the night and have a couple of naps during the day totaling around 12 to 14 hours of sleep.

Senior Pomeranians

Senior dogs will often sleep a little more than an average adult dog ranging from 14-16 hours a day.

What Position Do Pomeranians Like To Sleep In

Have you ever caught your Pomeranian sleeping in a funny position?

Experts say the sleeping positions that your dog enjoys say a lot about its personality.

Sleeping On Its Side

Many dogs will sleep on their side during naps as this position is very relaxing. It’s said that side sleepers tend to be happy carefree dogs.

All Curled Up

Some dogs enjoy being all curled up into a round ball while they sleep.

This sleeping position helps hold in body heat and doesn’t leave their belly vulnerable.

On Their Backs

It’s a very relaxed and comfortable dog that will sleep on its back with its belly exposed.

Stretched Out

Some dogs enjoy a quick nap all stretched out on their stomachs. You will often see dogs fall asleep in this position for a quick nap.


You may discover that your Pomeranians enjoy sleeping when they are cuddled up next to you or with another furry family member.

Our dogs both enjoy sleeping right next to us on the couch or together in a dog bed.

6 Sleep Options

There are many different sleeping options for your dogs.

  • In your bed
  • In your bedroom on the floor
  • In your bedroom in their own bed
  • In your bedroom in their crate
  • In a dog bed in the other room
  • In a crate in another room

Where Do Most Dogs Like to Sleep

The AKC surveyed dog owners asking them where their dogs sleep.

45% of dogs sleep in their owner’s beds

20% sleep in a dog crate

17% sleep in a dog bed

14% sleep in another location inside the home

Final Thoughts

Our Pomeranians enjoy sleeping in their crates at the foot of our bed at night.

We started this routine with them when they were puppies and they look forward to getting in their crates at nighttime for a peaceful night’s sleep.

During the day they nap in various locations in dog beds, cuddled up on the couch or the cool tile floor.

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