White Pomeranians

White Pomeranian (Facts And Information)

Snow White-colored Pomeranians will always grab your attention.

In this article, I provide all of the interesting facts and information regarding white Pomeranians.

What Is A White Pomeranian

A white Pomeranian is a Pomeranian that has a completely solid white coat without any other color.

A white Pomeranian should also not have any lemon or cream tint and shading to its coat color.

A true white Pomeranian also has dark eyes and black tips (nose, eyelids, paw pads, and lips).

Are White Pomeranians Rare

White Pomeranians are rare when compared to some other coat colors like black, orange, and parti.

An entire breeding program will most often need to be dedicated to breeding white Pomeranians making it more challenging for the breeder.

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Are White Pomeranians Born White

Newborn white Pomeranian puppies are born white with pink tips or points (nose, eyelids, paw pads, and lips).

A white Pomeranian puppy’s tips or points will change from pink to black within the first six to eight weeks of life.

Are Any Other Pomeranian Coat Colors Born White

There are other coat colors that may appear white at birth.

Cream, light orange, and some sable patterned puppies.

Are White Pomeranians All White

White Pomeranians are all white with black points.

A white Pomeranian coat will not have any variation in color.

Are White And Cream Pomeranians The Same

White and Cream Pomeranians are not the same thing.

White Pomeranians have a clear and bright snow-white coat.

Cream Pomeranians have a coat that has a warm creamy appearance that ranges from a buff-colored cream to almost light orange.

White Pomeranians also have a solid colored white coat whereas a Cream Pomeranian coat can vary in shades from white to orange.

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Do White Pomeranians Stay White

True white Pomeranians will stay white but, unfortunately, it can be hard to determine if a puppy is a true white Pomeranian up until 8-12 weeks of age.

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Have Pomeranians Always Been White

There have always been white Pomeranians.

The white fur color along with black is documented as the first Pomeranian fur color.

Today the breed has expanded to include twenty-six different fur colors and patterns.

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white Pomeranians

Are White Pomeranians Deaf

White Pomeranians are more prone to deafness when compared to other Pomeranian coat colors.

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Do White Pomeranians Have Health Issues

In general, white Pomeranians are just as healthy as any other Pomeranians regardless of coat color.

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Are White Pomeranians Bigger Than Other Pomeranians

Due to the genetics involved in breeding white Pomeranians, they are often bigger than some other Pomeranian coat colors.

Only in recent years, there has been a strong demand and desire for very small Teacup Pomeranians.

Pomeranians of the past used to be much larger in size.

Some dogs today still carry many of those “old” genetics and are often referred to as Throwback Pomeranians due to their larger size.

In order for a breeder to get a pure white coat, they often need to use breeding pairs that have “old” or throwback genetics.

Are White Pomeranians Hard To Groom

White Pomeranians will require more grooming in order to keep their snow white coats bright and clean.

You can also expect more maintenance with white and lighter-colored Pomeranians when it comes to removing dark tear stains.

Tears stains are very noticeable on lighter-colored Pomeranians.

We have a Cream Pomeranian, a black Pomeranian and a white and chocolate Pomeranian.

You only notice the tear stains on the cream Pomeranian and they are hard to remove.

It’s just something to keep in mind and consider if you are interested in a white or light colored Pomeranian.

Are White Pomeranians Hard To Breed

Due to a large variety of genetics within the Pomeranian breed, you do need very specific genetics to breed Pomeranians that result in white Pomeranian puppies.

It can take years to fine-tune a breeding program that results in consistent white puppies.

How Much Is A White Pomeranian

White Pomeranians are often more expensive than other coat colors.

At this point in time you can expect to pay on average between $4000-$7000 for a white Pomeranian.

Are White Pomeranians More Expensive

Due to the rarity and the demand for white Pomeranian puppies, breeders can usually ask more for each puppy.

The litter size for the Pomeranian breed is very small to begin with, the average litter only has one to three puppies.

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Where Can I Buy A White Pomeranian Puppy

I recommend finding a reputable Pomeranian breeder that is registered with the AKC.

You can find some AKC breeders listed on the AKCMarketplace.

The majority of breeders that will have white Pomeranian puppies specialize in the white coat colors.

You could expect their entire breeding program being designed around white puppies.

How Do You Know You Are Getting A White Pomeranian

I would only buy your white Pomeranian from an AKC Breeder that specializes in white Pomeranians.

Ask to see the parents as well as their current and past white puppies.

Are White Pomeranians And German Spitz The Same

Although, they were once they same breed and some from very similar histories white Pomeranians and German Spitz are not the same.

Are White Pomeranians And Japanese Spitz The Same

The Japanese Spitz and white Pomeranian look extremely similar but, are not the same, although, both breeds share a similar history.

Are White Pomeranians Just Small Samoyeds

The Samoyed looks just like a giant white Pomeranian but, they are not the same breed.

These two breeds also have a very similar history but, are not just different-sized versions of each other.

White Pomeranian Facts

  • It is believed that the first Pomeranian to enter the United States in the late 1800s had a white coat
  • The first Pomeranian Champion Rob of Rozelle had a white coat
  • Ice White Pomeranians are very rare
  • White Pomeranians often cost more money
  • Many puppies appear white at birth but, are not white Pomeranians

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a white Pomeranian there is no double that you would be getting an extremely adorable little puppy.

You do need to be aware that white Pomeranian puppies are harder to find and may cost more compared to other Pomeranian coat colors.

Many coat colors can appear as if they are white a birth but, change to another coat color like cream, light orange, or parti before they reach 12 weeks of age.

You must be sure that you are getting a white puppy if that is what you are paying for.

A white Pomeranian will require more grooming to keep its fur looking bright and clean, including more attention needed to keep tear stains at bay.

Names For White Pomeranians

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