Why are pomeranians so cute

Why Are Pomeranians So Cute

Pomeranians are one of the most popular dogs in the United States and are often referred to as being one of the cutest but, what makes Pomeranians so cute?

Pomeranians are so cute because they have many features that we as humans are drawn to. The small stature, round faces, soft fluffy fur, curly tails, and puppy dog expressions give us a feeling of joy and the desire to protect and nurture.

In this article, I discuss why Pomeranains and dogs, in general, are so cute. What features are the cutest and if dogs know that they are cute.

Why Do We Think Dogs Are So Cute

It is undeniable that we are drawn to dogs and love them as members of our family.

Dogs have an amazing ability to improve your mood and make you feel happy just by being in their presence.

It’s hard not to snuggle up next to your dog and give them a big hug. They are just too cute.

What Makes Dogs Cute

Many experts believe we as humans find dogs so cute is that they are very similar to babies.

Babies make us feel happy and give us the desire to care for them and protect them.

Dogs are vulnerable, needy, and youthful which triggers our response to care for them.

Our biological response to seeing a puppy and a baby is very much the same.

What Physical Features Make Dogs So Cute

Besides being drawn to vulnerable creatures that need our help to survive there are physical features that we are drawn to as being cute.

When these characteristics of cuteness are combined our human response is strong.

  • Big and round ears
  • Round body shape
  • A large head in comparison to its body size
  • Round head shape
  • Floppy limbs
  • Soft stature
  • Soft surfaces
  • Puppy dog eyes and expressions
do dogs know that they are cute

How Do Dogs Act Cute

There is more to cuteness besides just the visual appeal.

Have you ever watched an adorable puppy play or been given a puppy kiss?

When we see and interact with cute dogs we often perceive their actions as being cute.

The act of play is fun for humans to watch. We enjoy watching our children learn and play as well as dogs and even wild animals.

We could watch a video of a grizzly bear playing with a ball and we would all ooh and ahh about how cute it is.

There are certain things that we as humans respond to as being cute.

Why Are Pomeranians So Cute

Pomeranians are so cute because they have many features that we deem cute.

A Pomeranian is small in stature with a body full of soft fluffy fur and with an adorable face filled with soft round ears and eyes and a small nose.

Pomeranians look like little round balls of fur and often resemble a cuddly stuffed animal that we would love to hug and cuddle with.

Why Do We Think Our Dog Is The Cutest

We build deep bonds with our dogs when one enters into our families.

Studies have shown that cuddling, petting, and hanging out with our furry friends release happy hormones called “oxytocin”.

When this hormone is released into our bodies we feel calmer, more relaxed, and have an overall feeling of happiness and love.

Between the natural visual triggers that dogs possess (soft fur and round faces and more) the bond and relationship with our dogs bring us to a point where we see our dog is being the cutest of all.

How Did Dogs Get So Cute

There are two reasons why dogs are so cute.

The first reason is due to human interaction with dogs and breeding practices.

Over time we as humans have been breeding dogs to suit our desires. It may be our need for a dog to assist us with hunting and farming or for pure companionship.

As far as breeding dogs for companionship we tend to breed dogs to standards that we find cute.

The second reason is the ability of dogs to adapt and learn how to better interact with humans.

Dogs have learned what actions produce positive things like food and attention.

The more time that passes the more domesticated dogs is becoming.

why are dogs so cute

How Did Pomeranians Get So Cute

As a Spitz, Pomeranians already have a lot of cute traits like soft fluffy fur, a cute curly tail, a round head, and soft ears.

In the late 1800s, Queen Victoria fell deeply in love with Pomeranians as a breed and had a desire for them to be smaller in stature to curl up and cuddle with.

During this time period, her dogs were bred into the petite size that is popular today.

The small stature with long fluffy fur has started to resemble a cute and cuddly stuffed animal at this point.

It’s hard to deny that little fluffy dogs are adorable.

Do Dogs Know That They Are Cute

Research has not been able to prove if dogs know that they are cute or what even being cute is.

Cuteness is a label that humans have created to describe the appearance of something and the feelings that it can give us.

Do Dogs Manipulate Us With Cuteness

Dogs don’t understand cuteness but, they have learned over time how to manipulate humans into giving them what they want or need with the use of expressions and physical actions.

Do We All Think The Same Dogs Are Cute

Although, our brains are naturally programmed to find certain features and actions cute we aren’t all necessarily the same.

As individuals, we may be drawn to finding some features cuter over others.

Some of us like small fluffy dogs like our Pomeranians while others may be drawn to a large dog with long legs like a Great Dane.

Other people may sense the vulnerability of the ugly duckling of the group and be drawn to that dog as the cutest.

In other cases, as we get to know an animal we look past its appearance and become deeply attached to its personality.

My husband had a cat that lost an eye due to being scratched by another cat. When this cat was late in his life he was a little rough in the appearance category and many people wanted to stay far away from this “ugly” cat.

My husband adored this cat and saw past all of his battle wounds from life.

Cuteness and love are all a matter of perception and the bonds we form.

Reasons Why Pomeranians Are Cute

  • They look like teddy bears
  • They spark happy hormones in our brains
  • Small stature
  • Round body shape
  • Round facial features
  • Fluffy coats of soft fur
  • Their playful nature
  • Sweet puppy kisses
  • Happy expressions

Final Thoughts

I am a sucker for anything cute. A cute kitten, baby, or Pomeranian will catch my eye in an instant.

Pomeranians are the cutest dogs in my opinion due to their easy to hold size, soft, fluffy fur, curly pom pom tails, and sweet puppy dog kisses.

There will always be a special place in my heart for these little spitzes.

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