Why Are Pomeranians The Best Dogs

Why Are Pomeranians The Best Dogs (13 Reasons)

In my opinion, Pomeranians are the best dogs but, why are they the best compared to other dog breeds?

Pomeranians are the best for many reasons including being adorable little companions that also make extremely loyal watchdogs. Having a Pomeranian is sure to bring you a lot of joy and stress relief in your daily life.

Why Are Pomeranians The Best

There are many reasons why Pomeranians are amazing.

I’ve included the top 13 reasons why Pomeranians are the best.

  1. Adorable Appearance
  2. Small Size
  3. Easy To Care For
  4. Loyal Companions
  5. Cuddly
  6. Friendly
  7. Intelligent
  8. Long Life Span
  9. Healthy
  10. Great Watchdogs
  11. Joyful
  12. Stress Relievers
  13. Less Expensive

Pomeranians Are Adorable

It’s hard to deny how adorable Pomeranians are with their fluffy coats of fur, curly tails, and sweet little faces.

When most describe what a cute dog looks like, they will often describe a Pomeranian.

Why Are Pomeranians So Cute

Pomeranians Are Small

There is something about a small dog that makes you just want to pick it up and cuddle.

Regardless of just cuddling the small stature of Pomeranians gives up baby vibes that we can’t deny.

Small Pomeranians tug at our hearts and make us want to care for them.

How Big Do Pomeranians Get

Pomeranians Are Easy To Care For

Some may think that Pomeranians are high maintenance due to their long fluffy fur and overall appearance but, in reality, they are not.

Pomeranians are easy to care for and you can easily take your Pomeranian with you.

Pomeranians love nothing more than being by your side.

Are Pomeranians High Maintenence

Pomeranians Are Loyal Companions

Pomeranians are extremely loyal little dogs.

I have never had a dog that has become so attached to us and shown some much love and loyalty.

You will often see your Pomeranian become extremely attached to one person but, still love and be loyal to the entire family.

Are Pomeranians Loyal

Pomeranians Are Cuddly

Pomeranians are true lap dogs and love nothing more than taking a nap right on you or next to you.

These cuddly dogs love to be picked up and held.

The more attention they can get the happier they are.

Are Pomeranians Cuddly

Pomeranians Are Friendly

While some Pomeranians can be extremely protective, the majority are very friendly and are great when they meet new people.

Pomeranians usually adapt very well to new environments.

Pomeranians Are Intelligent

Although Pomeranians can be stubborn they are also extremely intelligent.

As a breed Pomeranians rank in the top 25 most intelligent dog breeds.

Pomeranians are usually very food motivated and can be easy to train.

How Smart Are Pomeranians

Pomeranians Have A Long Life Span

Where some dog breeds only have a life span that can last to 8 years, Pomeranians can live much longer.

Pomeranians usually have long vibrant lives that can last on average anywhere between 10-16 years of age.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Pomeranian

Pomeranians Are Healthy

As a breed Pomeranians are very healthy and are less prone to many health ailments that plague other breeds.

The Pomeranian is actually the least likely dog breed to die of cancer.

Pomeranians Are Great Watchdogs

It may seem like an odd match for a cute little Pomeranian to be a great watchdog but, they are.

Pomeranians may be small but, they think that are big dogs.

You can guarantee that your little Pomeranian will let you know if there is anything suspicious going on.

Pomeranians Bring A Lot Of Joy

The amount of joy and love that a Pomeranian can add to your life is priceless.

Every day with a Pomeranian will be a great day and will bring you joy and happiness.

Why Are Pomeranians The Best Dogs

Pomeranians Are Great Stress Relievers

It’s a proven fact that having a pet can relieve a lot of daily stress.

Pomeranians are a perfect example of this being very lovable and cuddly little dogs.

Pomeranians love attention and cuddling which can relieve stress every day of your life.

Pomeranians Are Less Expensive Than Other Dogs

There are many reasons why Pomeranians are often less expensive compared to other dogs.

Since Pomeranians are often very healthy they end up with less severe disease and medical care needs.

The living expenses for a small dog like a Pomeranian cost much less when compared to a large dog breed.

Final Thoughts

Pomeranians are amazing dogs but, you don’t just have to take my word for it.

Ask any Pomeranian owner and you will hear a slew of loving and incredible things you experience with a Pomeranian.

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