Why Are Only Small Dogs Allowed In Apartments

Why Do Apartments Only Allow Small Dogs (Quick Facts)

Many apartments do not allow dogs but, if they do they are often limited to small dogs only. Why do apartments only allow small dogs?

Small dogs are less likely to cause significant damage to a landlord’s property. In addition to the concerns over damage many tenants are less fearful of small dogs and feel as if they are less of a risk or nuisance.

Why Are Only Small Dogs Allowed In Apartments

Unfortunately, the past history of landlords with tenants that have had dogs has caused many to restrict dogs altogether or limit the size of dogs you can have for various reasons.

Some of the main reasons why many landlords limit the size of your dog are.

  • Amount of repairs
  • Mess
  • Less noise
  • Less chance of injury
  • Less concern for other tenants

Small Dogs Often Create Less Damage

Small dog breeds are often less likely to cause major damage to a landlord’s property compared with large dogs.

Larger dogs are more likely to cause significant damage to walls, doors, woodwork, and screens.

Small dag can still damage things but, usually not to the same extreme.

We’ve all heard of dogs that have eaten holes in walls or scratched their way out of a room completely damaging a door.

Small Dogs Make Less Mess

When we compare the amount of mess and damage that can be caused by a small dog and a large dog when it comes to urinating or defecating in a house it’s very different.

Although, a small dog may be more likely to make a mess in the house, the spot on the floor is generally much easier to clean up and often doesn’t require full replacement of the flooring.

If you have a large dog that has gone to the bathroom on a rug a few times, the rug will need to be replaced.

Small Dogs Are Not As Loud

Although, small dogs are often known as being barkers and larger dogs often have a much louder bark.

Since people live in close quarters in apartments it’s important for landlords to try to reduce the amount of noise and disruption that each tenant will cause.

Small dogs can bark just as much or more than some big dogs but, the big dogs get a bad rap.

Overall, landlords are trying to reduce the risk of conflict between neighbors.

Less Chance Of Injury

All dogs bite regardless of size but, large dogs are connected to more fatal attacks as well as more serious injuries to people and other pets.

Landlords want to reduce the risk of a pet causing an injury to another tenant or tenant’s pet.

It is a lot easier for a dog owner to pick up and remove their scrappy little dog from the situation than pulling back a larger dog that is angry or scared.

Whay Are Only Small Dogs Allowed In Apartments

Small Dogs Are Less Of A Concern For Tenants

As humans, we are less fearful of small animals in comparison to larger animals.

Large dogs in particular often create a lot of fear and anxiety in some people.

Not allowing large dogs in apartments often puts new and current tenants at ease knowing they won’t be approaching a large Pit Bull or German Shepherd walking down the yard or in the yard.

Are Small Dogs Better In Apartments

Overall small dogs are often better in apartments.

This doesn’t mean that every small dog is perfect for living alongside other people and pets.

It also doesn’t mean that every large dog is a bad choice for apartment living.

Since small dogs are often allowed in apartments compared to large dogs a small dog may be a better choice.

Make sure regardless of what type of dog you have, that he or she is trained well and suited for apartment living.

Is It Fair To Restrict Large Dogs From Apartments

It can seem unfair at times to completely restrict dogs based on size and not on the individual dog.

Some large dogs are extremely friendly, quiet, well-trained, and not destructive.

Unfortunately, many landlords have had bad experiences with owners who have claimed that they have a perfect dog later to find their apartment or property completely destroyed and needing costly repairs.

It is legal for landlords to make restrictions against animals and many do so in order to protect themselves and try to be fair to their tenants.

How Can I Have My Large Dog In My Apartment

You have a large dog and would like to have you dog live with you at an apartment with dog restrictions.

There may be nothing that you can do but, there are situations where large dogs can live in apartments.

  • Some landlords are flexible with their contracts
  • Some landlords will require you to pay for any needed repairs.
  • Legal service dogs are allowed in any apartment by law

Final Thoughts

It can seem unfair at times restricting dogs based on size.

Unfortunately, the others before you have proven that not every dog owner is responsible which has cause landlords to make bold restrictions that are not individual based just in an attempt to protect themselves and be fair to every tenant.

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