Why do dogs like to play fetch

Why Do Dogs Like To Play Fetch (5 Reasons)

Many dogs love to play fetch, they will gladly chase down a ball, return it to its owner and do it over and over again but, why do dogs enjoy playing fetch?

Many dogs have a genetic background and instinct to chase after prey and return it to its owner. Besides this instinct lot of dogs enjoy the game of fetch because it is fun, they bond with their owners. Playing fetch is also a great way to burn energy and get exercise.

Why Do Dogs Play Fetch

Many dogs enjoy a game of fetch with some being completely obsessed with the game.

Dogs like playing fetch for a variety of reasons the top reasons are.

  • Genetics and Natural Instinct
  • Playing Fetch Is Fun
  • Fetch Is Great For Bonding
  • Dogs Need To Burn Energy
  • Playing Fetch Keeps Your Dog From Being Bored

Dogs Like Playing Fetch Due To Genetics And Instincts

Dogs have been trained by humans for thousands of years for their use in protection, sled pulling, and hunting.

Dog breeds that have been used for hunting have been trained to chase and seek prey and then return that object bringing it back to its human companion.

For some dogs and dog breeds, this was their only mission in life.

Throughout the years this natural instinct of chasing and retrieving still remains a strong natural instinct.

Some breeds show a stronger instinct toward hunting and retrieving this day making these breeds ideal dogs for hunting or those with active lifestyles outdoors.

Pomeranian’s Instinct Towards Playing Fetch

Pomeranians once were very hard-working dogs that protect their owners, pulled sleds, and assisted with hunting expeditions.

It can be hard to picture our little fluffy Pomeranains doing hard physical work

The Pomeranains of the past are not the same as our pets today.

Throughout the years, Pomeranians have been bred solely for their companionship.

The breeding process has reduced a Pomeranian’s natural hunting and working abilities and has highlighted a much smaller size dog that is meant to be your best friend instead.

Dogs Have Fun Playing Fetch

Playing fetch is very enjoyable for most dogs bringing a lot of fun and happiness to their lives.

You may have noticed how excited and happy your dog looks when you are playing fetch together.

Even dogs enjoy doing things that are fun and that make them feel good.

Do Pomeranians Have Fun Playing Fetch

I have one Pomeranian that loves playing fetch with a ball, another that will go and retrieve a ball or toy but not bring it back to me, and the third that doesn’t play fetch at all.

If you happen to have a Pomeranian that likes to play fetch you can guarantee that they are having fun while they are doing it.

Dogs Enjoy Playing Fetch To Bond With Humans

The canine-human connection and bond are very strong, dogs aren’t called “mans best friend” for no reason.

Both our dogs and humans enjoy doing things together that brings us closer and tighten our bond.

Playing fetch in the yard is a great way to interact together and strengthen that bond.

The quality time that we spend together not only means a lot to us but, is important to our dogs as well.

Pomeranains Love Their Humans

Pomeranians are known for becoming very attached to their owners and often want to be by their side at all times.

Some Pomeranians enjoy playing games or fetch with their owners as a way to build that bond.

Dogs Need Exercise And Burn Energy

Every dog needs a way to get some exercise and burn off some pent-up energy.

Playing fetch is an excellent way to do that, it only takes a few minutes to throw a favorite toy or ball in the yard and get some much-needed exercise.

Do Pomeranians Need To Play Fetch For Exercise

Pomeranians don’t need a lot of exercise during the day but, a quick game of fetch in the backyard is a wonderful way to fulfill their daily need.

It is also a great way to relieve stress for both you and your dog.

Do dogs like playing fetch

Dogs Play Fetch To Keep From Being Bored

Boredom in dogs can lead to many destructive behaviors including chewing on things and barking.

Playing fetch is a great way to entertain your dog and help prevent boredom.

Do Pomeranians Get Bored If They Don’t Play

Pomeranians are not known for getting bored but, are much more likely to develop separation anxiety if you are away from the home for many hours.

Your Pomeranian is not likely to get bored if he or she is by your side.

Or course, providing play time like playing fetch and different toys is a wonderful way to keep your dog engaged.

Do Pomeranians Enjoy Playing Fetch

Some Pomeranians love playing fetch whereas others are not interested in the game. As a breed, Pomeranians have a low prey drive and have been bred to prefer life as a companion curled up on your lap receiving love and attention.

In my pack of Pomeranians, I have a mixture of interests in the game of fetch.

Murphy our big cream Pomeranian loves to play fetch, especially with balls.

Our black female Pomeranian Willow has no interest or desire to play fetch. She will just look at you like you are crazy.

The baby Duke will run and grab the toy or ball that you throw but, will not bring it back to you.

Do Dogs Actually Like Playing Fetch

Many dogs love playing fetch.

If your dog doesn’t like playing fetch you will have a hard time trying to get them to participate in the game.

The game of fetch isn’t for every dog but, it is worth trying just to see if it is.

Why Is My Dog Obsessed With Fetch

The instinct to fetch and retrieve is very strong in some breeds and dogs.

Some dogs get to the point that they become obsessed with playing fetch until they exhaust themselves.

Is Fetch Bad For Dogs

While fetch is mostly and wonderful game for both you and your dog to enjoy there are some negatives to consider.

  • Fetch can be physically and mentally demanding on a daily basis for you and your dog
  • The repetition can cause stress in your dog’s body leading to a possible injury
  • Your dog can overheat and become dehydrated
  • Some dogs have a hard time breathing, to begin with

Always make sure that you are playing fetch in a safe place, provide lots of water, and don’t overdo it.

You know your dog better than anybody making sure that your dog is happy and safe is the most important thing.

How Long Should I Let My Dog Play Fetch

The amount of time that you let your dog play fetch will depend on your dog’s ability, interest as well as weather conditions.

If your dog has health concerns or trouble breathing make sure not to overdo it and wear your dog out too much.

You can’t force a dog to play fetch if they aren’t interested. It can also be hard managing a dog that is obsessed with playing fetch.

When the weather is warm or cold it’s important to pay attention to those conditions and how they can affect your dog.

Try to limit your dog’s outdoor time during extreme weather.

Does Playing Fetch Tire A Dog Out

Playing fetch requires a lot of stamina and energy, in addition to wearing your dog out playing fetch may wear your out.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Dog Play Fetch

There are some situations where playing fetch should be avoided for your dog.

  • If you have a brachycephalic breed that has a hard time breathing
  • If your dog has a health condition where exercise could negatively affect its health
  • If your dog is recovering from an injury or surgery
  • If your yard is not suitable with lots of hazards

Dog Breeds That Love To Play Fetch

Some dog breeds have a strong natural instinct for playing fetch.

  • Australian Shepherd
  • Border Collie
  • Golden Retriever
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Chesapeake Bay Retriever
  • Curly Coated Retriever
  • Jack Russell Terrier
  • English Springer Spaniel
  • Irish Water Spaniel
  • Flat-Coated Retriever
  • German Shepherd
  • German Shorthaired Pointer
  • Miniature Schnauzer
  • Samoyed
  • Belgian Sheepdog
  • Belgian Malinois
  • Boykin Spaniel
  • Standard Poodle
  • Weimaraner
  • Whippet

Dog Breeds That Don’t Play Fetch

  • French Bull Dog
  • Pug
  • Bull Dog
  • Pekingese
  • Corgi
  • Dachshund
  • Maltese
  • Shih Tzu
  • Brussel Griffon
  • Basset Hound

Final Thoughts

Playing fetch can be very enjoyable for both you and your dog as well as being a great way to bond, get fresh air, and exercise.

The game of fetch may not be for everyone and every dog.

Some dogs are not genetically suited for fetch like that adorable French Bull Dog and others may have no interest in the game.

Making sure you have a safe place that is free of hazards is also important if fetch becomes part of your routine.

Many dogs get overheated, pull muscles or tendons, and get lacerations during intense games of fetch.

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