why do pomeranians bark so much

Why Do Pomeranians Bark So Much (Reasons For Nuisance Barking)

Pomeranians are wonderful companions but, can sometimes develop negative barking behaviors. Why do Pomeranians bark so much?

Pomeranians will bark for many reasons including the natural instinct to protect themselves and those in their pack, excitement, attention, boredom, and lack of training among others. A Pomeranians natural instinct to bark can sometimes develop into nuisance barking.

In this article, I discuss the differences between normal barking behaviors and how a Pomernains barking can become a problem.

Does Genetics Cause Pomeranains To Bark

Genetics can cause some dogs to bark more than others.

Throughout time specific traits have been selected by breeders depending on the desired outcome wanted.

For example, dogs like huskies have been used as sled and guard dogs for many years. These dogs are extremely vocal and will bark, howl, whine, and “talk” often.

Pomeranains used to be much larger in size and had a different role as working dogs. Throughout the past couple hundred years, Pomeranains have been bred specially as little lapdogs or companions.

Our little companions of today aren’t the biggest barkers in the pack but, they are known to be protective and leary of strangers.

How Often Do Pomeranians Bark

Before I dig deeper into why your Pomeranian may bark a lot we need to look at what our expectations should be, to begin with.

Pomeranians have the natural instinct to bark and using their voice is one of their main ways to communicate.

Under normal circumstances, you can expect a Pomeranian to bark in the following situations.

  • Greeting people when they return home
  • When someone knocks on the door or rings the doorbell
  • When a stranger or animal enters the yard
  • A request to go outside or for food
  • When the dogs hear a strange noise
  • During play

Your dog should stop barking after a few moments or after you give them a command to “stop barking”.

How often do pomeranians bark

When Is Your Pomeranians Barking A Problem

Determining when your Pomeranians barking has passed the point of normal and moved onto becoming a behavioral problem is very important.

The sooner you can work with your dog and correct the excessive barking the easier the training process will be.

With that said, how do we determine that our Pomeranian has a barking problem?

If your dog is a compulsive barker or doesn’t stop barking after simple commands like “no barking” and “quiet” your Pomeranian may have a barking problem.

Why Does My Pomeranian Bark So Much

Your Pomeranian may bark more than others for a variety of reasons. Let’s take a look at the most common reasons why a Pomeranian may bark excessively.

  • Protectiveness
  • Seperation anxiety
  • Enviornmental noises
  • Desire for attention
  • Unintentional rewarding
  • Excitement
  • Boredom
  • Disiplinary problems
  • Lack of training

Your Pomeranian May Be Very Protective

Although Pomeranains are considered “toy-sized dogs” they have very big personalities and are not completely aware of their small size.

A small Pomeranian can have a personality and protective nature that’s similar to a much larger dog.

Your Pomeranian may be overly defensive and prone to barking at every threat they see or hear.

An overprotective dog can become a nuisance if they are constantly barking.

A protective dog isn’t a bad thing but, an overprotective dog that perceives anything and everything as a threat and starts to bark at non-threating things like a leaf flying by them in the yard for example can be hard to deal with.

Does Your Pomeranian Experiance Separation Anxiety

Pomeranians are known to experience separation anxiety.

Our cuddly little Pomeranains usually become very attached to their owners, sometimes specifically one person within your home.

This deep bond that our dog forms can sometimes develop into separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety in Pomeranains can cause numerous behavioral problems including excessive barking as soon as your dog notices signs that you may leave, throughout the time that you are gone.

Some of the many other behaviors associated with separation anxiety include whining, pacing, drooling, destroying things, soiling within your home, and self-mutilation.

When is your pomeranians barking a problem

Are Environmental Noises Causing Your Pomeranain To Bark

The environment you live in can cause your Pomeranian to bark.

Every environment will have different noises that could possibly trigger your dog to start barking.

A Pomeranian living in an urban environment may be living in an apartment with close neighbors, and hearing sirens and traffic.

Your city dog will become used to these noises after a while. If you were to bring your dog who is used to a rural environment and put them in a city they may bark constantly at all of the new noises.

Be aware of your dog’s changing environment and look for the triggers that set off your dog’s barking.

Is Your Pomeranian Trying To Get Your Attention

Pomeranians can be very needy and love to get attention.

It is very possible that your dog wants more cuddling and attention from you.

Pomeranians are very good at communicating and will not shy away from barking at you to let you know that they want to snuggle or playtime.

Are You Unintentionally Rewarding Your Dogs Behavior

We all have the best of attentions with our dogs but, we may be unintentionally rewarding our dogs for bad behavior.

Dogs will quickly learn to continue doing something if they are getting the outcome that they want.

If you are giving your dog attention when they are barking they will continue to do it for that more attention.

Make sure that your dog knows when they should stop barking and never give them a reward like a treat to get them to stop.

Is Your Pomeranian Often Excited

The excited greeting that I receive once I return home (even if it’s from a trip to the mailbox) is unlike any I’ve ever received.

Pomeranians love their owners and will often show that love with a burst of excitement.

When Pomeranians are excited they will often bark, jump up and down and move around very fast with a huge smile on their faces.

While this is a wonderful thing and makes you feel really good it may become a problem if your dog gets over-excited and doesn’t stop barking.

Is Your Pomeranian Barking Because It Is Bored

Pomeranains can get bored if they are not getting enough attention and exercise.

Luckily, a Pomeranian doesn’t require as much exercise and stimulation that dogs like Siberian Huskies do.

Your Pomeranian does want playtime and a variety of toys to chew. If your dog is bored they are sure to let you know.

Does Your Pomeranain Listen Better To Someone Else

To be completely honest we have this issue in our house. Our dogs listen a lot better to my husband than they do to me.

It’s frustrating that they don’t listen as well when I tell them “no barking”. It often occurs when we are in our backyard and the neighbor lets their dogs out.

If I’m outside with the dogs they will start barking and It can be challenging for me to get them to stop. If my husband is outside they may bark once or twice to make their presence known but, as soon as he tells them to stop barking they do.

Our dogs view my husband as the alpha and behave and listen to him better than anyone else.

Does Your Pomeranian Need More Training

Any dog requires some training and our little Pomeranians are no exception.

A Pomeranian may just need a little more training to understand your commands to stop barking when it is no longer appropriate.

Continuing to work with your dog will increase the bond and trust that you have. This will ensure a better-behaved dog and less frustration for you as the owner.

Final Thoughts

It’s ok to let your dog bark.

A dog needs to be able to express itself and communicate vocally. Of course, there comes a time when this behavior is a nuisance.

As long as you put the time in to train your dog and practice that training your Pomeranian will be a well-behaved member of your family.

That being said, we do need to understand that they are dogs and will not be perfect all of the time just like humans.

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