why do pomeranians cough

Why Do Pomeranians Cough (11 Examples )

It can be concerning if you notice your Pomeranian making coughing, hacking, or choking noises. It’s important to get to the root cause of your dog’s coughing since some causes can become serious.

Is your dog choking> Does it need immediate veterinary care?

In this article, I cover the most common reasons why your Pomeranian is coughing and what you should do about it.

Pomeranians cough for a variety of reasons ranging from common irritations to serious conditions. Your dog may have a virus like kennel cough, infection, collapsed trachea, or be experiencing a reverse sneeze.

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    Why Do Pomeranians Cough So Much

    Pomeranians are prone to many different conditions that can cause coughing.

    As a Pomeranian owner, you are bound to experience your dog making some coughing noises at some point in time.

    The most important thing to do when you notice your dog making loud cough-like noises is to stay calm and determine if your dog needs immediate veterinary care.

    Regardless if your dog’s condition is serious or not, it’s always a good idea to know why your dog is coughing in the first place.

    Is It Normal For Pomeranians To Cough

    It is normal for Pomeranians to make coughing noises during typical life experiences.

    Some dogs may eat or drink too fast causing an isolated cough at the moment.

    Other daily life situations like inhaling dust or chewing on a piece of grass outside can also cause a normal coughing noise.

    The occasional cough is usually not a cause for concern.

    Why Do Dogs Cough

    A dog’s nose is one of its biggest tools in life.

    Sniffing around is a way that your dog evaluates its sounding and communicates with others.

    While your dog is doing all that sniffing it will come into contact with dust, pollen, germs, and experiences that may give your dog’s nose or airway a little tickle.

    More serious coughs can be caused by health conditions like kennel cough or collapsed trachea.

    Types Of Coughs In Pomeranians

    Identifying the type of cough that your dog is having is important so you can clearly communicate to your vet what your dog is experiencing.

    When your dog is coughing ask yourself the following questions.

    • Is it a deep honking cough?
    • Is it a deep dry hacking cough?
    • Is it a wet phlegmy moist cough?
    • Is it a high pitched gagging cough?
    • Does your dog cough in it’s sleeep?

    Pomeranian Coughing Caused By A Health Condition

    There are many health conditions that can cause your dog to make coughing noises.

    Some of these conditions are a mild concern whereas others have the potential to be life-threatening.

    • Collapsed Treachea
    • Reverse Sneezing
    • Hairballs
    • Kennel Cough
    • Worms
    • Heart Conditions
    • Lung Conditons
    • Canine Influenza
    • Elongated Palate
    • Sore Throat

    Collapsed Trachea

    Pomeranians and other small toy breeds are prone to experiencing collapsed tracheas.

    Does your dog sound like it is honking like a goose?

    When your dog has a collapsed trachea the cartilage around the dog’s throat breaks down causing the windpipe to collapse onto itself.

    A collapsed trachea can cause breathing issues and can become serious.

    It’s important to never use a collar with Pomeranians, always use a harness instead. Also, be careful not to pull too hard on your dogs leach.

    If you suspect a collapsed trachea, it’s best to visit your vet for an evaluation.

    Reverse Sneezing

    When a dog rapidly pulls air into its nose it can cause a reverse sneeze.

    A reverse sneeze often sounds like a loud snorting sound.

    Reverse sneezes are usually isolated incidents and are not a reason for concern.


    Just like cats, Pomeranians can get hairballs.

    It is not uncommon for fluffy Pomeranians to get hairball or hair stuck in their throat which can cause coughing.

    Usually, a hairball is not a cause for concern but, if your dog is experiencing heavy coughing, gagging, or vomiting seek medical care.

    Is it normal for pomeranians to cough a lot

    Kennel Cough

    Kennel Cough has a distinctly dry, honking sound.

    This virus is highly contagious and is usually not serious in most cases.

    Although kennel cough is often not serious it can spread into a dog’s lungs and cause serious conditions like pneumonia or chronic bronchitis.

    Kennel cough should be taken seriously.

    Like many viruses, your dog is most likely to contract kennel cough in social situations with other dogs like at a doggy daycare or dog park.

    If you suspect that your dog has kennel cough it’s best to contact your vet.

    Your vet may be able to prescribe medication to treat kennel cough.

    Worm Infections

    There are a variety of worm infections that could cause your dog to cough like heartworm or roundworm.

    Worms especially heartworm can become very serious even life-threatening.

    Luckily with medications worms are often preventable and treatable.

    Speak with your vet about any concerns regarding worms in your dog.

    Heart Conditions

    Although rare, it is possible for a heart condition to cause your dog to cough.

    With certain heart conditions, fluid may build up in the dog’s lungs.

    You may notice your dog coughing while it’s laying down or sleeping.

    If your dog has a heart condition already or if you suspect it may visit with your vet.

    Lung Conditons

    A wet phlegmy cough is usually pointing to a condition that is affecting the lungs.

    The moist, wet, and gargling sounds you are hearing could be fluid that is in your dog’s lungs.

    Another sign of a lung condition would be breathing difficulty that is occurring between coughs.

    Your dog could have a variety of lung conditions including pneumonia.

    If you are noticing a wet cough, gargling, or any labored breathing, seek emergency veterinary care immediately as this could be a life-threatening situation.

    Elongated Palate

    It’s very rare but, possible that your dog has an elongated palate.

    An elongated palate can cause a snorting type of coughing.

    Speak with your vet about the possibility of an elongated palate to be able to rule it out or treat it if needed.

    Sore Throat

    Is your dog experiencing a high-pitched, gagging type of cough?

    Dog’s can experience a sore throat for a variety of reasons.

    Your dog may have an infection in its mouth or sinuses, tonsilitis, or something stuck in your dog’s throat.

    If you suspect that your dog may have something stuck in its throat seek veterinary care immediately.

    An airway blockage can become fatal if your dog does not receive medical care.

    In addition to a blockage, any suspected infection or irritation of the mouth, throat, or sinuses should be evaluated by your vet.

    Pomeranian Coughing Caused By Allergies

    Allergies can cause your dog to cough just like they can for us.

    Your dog can experience a variety of allergies from dust, pollen, environmental toxins, food allergies.

    If you suspect that your dog has an allergy speak with your vet about determining the root cause and treatments.

    Is A Pomeranians Cough The Sign Of A Serious Problem

    A Pomeranians cough can be a sign of a serious and life-threatening condition.

    Any cough should prompt a vet visit to make sure that it is treated early.

    Why Is My Dog Coughing Like Something Is Stuck in It’s Throat

    Your dog may actually have something stuck in its throat, irritation, or infection.

    If your dog sounds like something is stuck in its throat, it could be an emergency, seek care immediately.

    Why Does My Pomeranian Sound Like He Has A Hairball

    Pomeranians get hairballs, they have long fluffy coats of fur that can cause hairballs or irritation of the mouth, nose, and throat.

    What Causes A Dog To Cough And Gag

    There are many reasons why your dog may cough or gag ranging from viruses, collapsed trachea, reverse sneezing to lung conditions.

    With a wide range of causes, it’s best to speak with your vet about your dog’s health.

    Why Do Pomeranians Sound Like They Are Choking

    You Pomeranian may be choking or have a collapsed trachea.

    If your dog sounds like it’s choking seek immediate veterinary care.

    When Should I Call My Vet About My Dogs Coughing

    If your dog is coughing at all beyond the isolated situation like drinking too fast, you should contact your vet.

    The sooner that you get your dog care the less likely it is for the situation to become serious.

    Early intervention is very important.

    Treating Coughing In Dogs

    Coughing in dogs is often treatable.

    Your vet will need to examine your dog to determine the root cause of your dog’s coughing.

    Once your vet has determined the cause of your dog’s coughing, they will be able to focus on a treatment plan that best suits your dog.

    Treatments can range from medications, surgery to watching and waiting.

    How Can I Help My Pomeranian When It Is Coughing

    If your dog is coughing try to keep your dog calm and contact your vet for further care and advice.

    What Home Remedy Can I Give My Dog For Coughing

    It’s best to speak with your vet for advice on how to treat your dog’s coughing.

    That said, a home remedy that is often used for temporary relief of kennel cough is a little bit of honey.

    A half to a teaspoon of honey in a bowl of warm water up to three times a day may give your dog some temporary relief.

    Final Thoughts

    With so many different causes for coughing in Pomeranians, it can be hard to determine the underlying cause without an examination by your vet.

    Closely observe your dog’s coughing and other symptoms so you can accurately describe your dog’s condition to your vet.

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