why do pomeranians howl

Why Do Pomeranians Howl (7 Reasons)

We are all familiar with the sound of a dog’s howl. You may hear a neighborhood dog start to howl and your furry friend perks up and wants to join in.

Why do Pomeranains howl?

Pomeranians howl for a variety of reasons all based on an instinct to communicate. Your dog may howl because it’s anxious, fearful, seeking attention, excited, responding to noises they hear, behavioral issues, or medical concerns.

Do Pomeranians Howl

Howling is a form of communication between canines that goes way back to their ancestors in the wild.

Wolves and Coyotes still use howling and other vocal noises as one of their main ways to communicate within their packs and with others nearby.

Howling is an instinct.

All dog breeds including our fluffy little Pomeranian are capable of howling.

Do Some Pomeranians Howl And Some Don’t

There will be many Pomeranians who will never howl, whereas others may make howling noises daily.

Every dog is different and just because they can do something, doesn’t mean they will.

Our little Moxie is an extremely vocal dog with many different noises that she makes as a way to communicate, she will often tip her head back with a classic howl whereas my other three Pomeranians have never shown signs of howling.

What Are The Reasons Why Pomeranians Howl

The main reason that Pomeranians howl is communication.

Even though your Pomeranian is trying to communicate through howling, he or she may be trying to tell you many different things with its howl.

  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Attention seeking
  • Responding to other noises they hear
  • Behavioral issues
  • Medical concerns
  • Excitement

Howling Due To Fear

All dogs including Pomeranian have been known to howl out of fear.

Your dog may be terrified of the current situation they are in and need to communicate that fear in a very expressive manner.

Howling Due To Anxiety

Pomeranians are known to experience separation anxiety which can cause negative and destructive behaviors when your dog is very anxious.

Your Pomeranian may notice that you are preparing to leave the house and start frantically following you, pacing and barking or howling as a way to let you know that they don’t want you to leave them alone.

Howling Due To Wanting Attention

Some dogs are very vocal in the way that they communicate with others.

If your dog is vocal he or she may talk to you in many ways to get your attention.

You can expect to hear barking, whining, howling, and little chatters from your vocal dog.

Howling As A Response To Noises They Hear

We’ve all heard that dog who starts to howl as soon as it hears a siren or the sound of another dog howling.

The instinct to bond and communicate as a pack can spark howling in your dog.

Howling Due To Behavioral Issues

We briefly discussed how a Pomeranian may howl due to experiencing separation anxiety.

Besides anxiety, other behavioral issues can cause your dog to howl.

Your dog may be bored and start to howl as well as do many other negative behaviors.

Howling Due To Medical Concerns

A Pomeranian may howl when they have an injury or are not feeling well. The injury could be sudden or an ongoing ailment that is upsetting your dog.

Some dogs experience Canine Cognitive Decline also known as dog dementia. The effects of dementia can cause an older dog to howl.

Do Pomeranians Howl When They Are Happy

Your very vocal Pomeranian may bark and howl when it’s happy.

This is most likely to occur when you have arrived home and are being greeted at the door or when you are about to do something fun with your dog.

Are Pomeranians Sad When They Howl

Pomeranians can howl when they are sad.

Since howling is a form of communication that it’s used to show many different emotions your dog can howl when it’s sad.

do pomeranians howl

Is Howling Good For Your Dog

Howling isn’t good or bad for your dog, it’s simply a natural way of communicating.

Why Does My Pomeranian Keep Howling

With a wide variety of reasons why your Pomeranian may be howling it can be hard to pinpoint exactly why your Pomeranian keeps howling.

You should visit your vet if you are concerned and ask yourself the following questions to try to find out what is causing all of the howling.

  1. Does your dog seem injured or ill?
  2. Have you noticed any other changes with your dog?
  3. Does your dog have anxiety or change behavior when you leave the house?
  4. Is It loud where you live?
  5. Is your dog easily spooked by noises?
  6. Do you have a naturally vocal dog?
  7. Has any routine changed in your home?
  8. Does your dog want more attention?
  9. Is your dog bored?

Is Excessive Howling A Problem

Excessive howling can be a serious problem.

The two main concerns with excessive howling are a possible medical emergency or a behavioral issue.

Regardless of the reason, excessive howling should not be ignored.

Excessive Howling Due To A Medical Condition

If your dog’s behavior changes in any way including a change in the way they vocalize it’s best to seek medical care and rule out any serious health conditions or injuries.

Excessive Howling Due To Attention Seeking

If your dog is constantly trying to get your attention in overly loud ways that include excessive howling, it may be time to work with your dog to improve on the negative behavior.

One of the hardest and easiest ways to do this is not to respond to your dog when they are acting out to grab your attention as well as making sure to reward positive behavior.

Make sure that you are spending enough time with your dog if they are often looking for your attention.

What Dog Breeds Howl The Most

Some dogs are known for howling more than others. Some of these dog breeds are.

  • Siberian Husky
  • Alaskan Malamute
  • American English Coonhound
  • American Eskimo Dog
  • American Foxhound
  • Basset Hound
  • Beagle
  • Bluetick Coonhound
  • Bloodhound
  • Dachshund
  • Finnish Spitz
  • Japanese Spitz
  • Norweigan Elkhound
  • Redbone Coonhound

Final Thoughts

Pomeranians may not be the first breed that you think of when you think of a dog that howls but, they can howl just like any other dog.

Two of our Pomeranians have never howled or voiced any sort of sound that resembles a howl.

Our puppy Duke on the other hand has.

When he barks he sometimes adds a drown-out little howl. It will be interesting as he grows and develops his adult voice if he continues to howl.

As with anything, I wouldn’t be startled by your dog’s howling but, if their behavior has changed drastically and if their howling seems like it could be due to a health concern it’s best to visit with your vet.

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