Why Do Pomeranians Shake

Why Do Pomeranians Shake ( 7 Reasons)

If your Pomeranian starts to shake you may be concerned with the reason why. Luckily, many times the shaking is caused by harmless reasons but, in other cases, it could be a sign of something more serious.

Why do Pomeranians shake?

Pomeranians shake for a variety of reasons including being cold or excited. With Pomeranians being vulnerable to separation anxiety it is also possible for your dog’s shaking to be caused by anxiety, fear, or stress. Be aware of possible health concerns or negative behaviors.

Reasons Why Pomeranians Shake

  • Your Dog May Be Cold
  • Stress Or Anxiety
  • Fear
  • Excitement
  • Pain Or Illness
  • Attention Seeking
  • Old Age

Your Dog Make Shake When It Is Cold

The most obvious reason for a dog’s shaking is that it is cold.

Your dog may not be used to colder weather conditions or is sensitive to lower temperatures.

A shiver is a natural response to being cold as it gets the blood moving in the body as a way to start warming up.

Some dog breeds are known to get cold, especially smaller dogs with less fur and body mass.

Pomeranians have quite a bit of fur making them less vulnerable to being cold when compared to other toy breeds like Chihuahuas who are known for shaking from the cold.

That said, you do need to be aware of dropping temperatures and make sure that your dog is only exposed to cold temperatures for a limited time.

Providing boots and coats for your dog can also assist in keeping it warm.

When indoors make sure your dog has a nice warm spot to lay and sleep. Provide a nice bed and blanket if needed.

Dogs Shake When They Are Anxious

If your dog is anxious or feels stressed out, a natural response to that would include shaking or shivering.

Pomeranians especially are prone to separation anxiety which can cause a variety of nervous and destructive behaviors.

If your suspect that your dog is experiencing anxiety make sure to console your dog to put it at ease and seek a professional opinion from your vet or trainer.

Dogs Can Shake When They Are Scared

Dogs may respond to fear with shaking as well as many other forms of body language like their tail tucked between their legs, cowering, squinty eyes, and ears being held back.

Dogs are very expressive when it comes to body language.

Always look for the many ways a dog is communicating with you through its body.

A fearful dog can sometimes become dangerous as it may bite or attack if it feels like it is stuck in a fight or flight situation and can’t get away.

Reasons Why Pomeranians Shake

Dogs Often Shake When They Are Excited

An excited dog can show its emotions in a variety of body movements including shaking.

Other excited movements include jumping up and down, panting, barking, and getting the zoomies.

Dogs May Shake When They Are Sick Or Injured

Shaking uncontrollably can sometimes be a sign of pain or other medical conditions.

Look for signs of pain, injury, or any other signs that something doesn’t seem normal.

Make an appointment with your vet or visit an emergency care center if needed.

Dogs Well Sometime Shake For Attention

There is nothing that your dogs love more than attention and food.

Our furry friends are very smart and will learn unique ways that they can grab our attention.

Some of these methods unfortunately are not always positive.

If your dog learns that you will give it lots and love and attention if it starts shaking, it may learn to do that on purpose for attention.

Dogs Shake Due To Old Age

If you have an elderly dog its shaking may be caused by advanced age.

IMany older dogs experience weakening muscles and develop tremors.

If your dog is older make sure it is getting the care it needs to live a happy and comfortable life.

Do Pomeranians Shake For No Reason

Pomeranains usually don’t shake for no reason.

You need to figure out why your dog is shaking that way you can intervene and provide help if needed.

Shaking may be a behavior that is normal for your dog whereas for others it could be the indication of something more serious.

You know your dog better than anyone, if you notice anything that is abnormal it’s best to speak with your vet about your concerns.

Why Is My Dog Shaking And Panting

Your dog may be experiencing any of the reasons that I listed above or could be overheating.

If you suspect that your dog has heatstroke or any other medical condition seek immediate care.

Do Pomeranians Overheat Easily

Should I Be Worried If My Dog Is Shaking

You know your dog better than anyone else, if your dog’s shaking is out of character they to figure out the cause.

When in doubt seek medical care just in case your dog is experiencing a medical emergency.

What Is The Difference Between You Dog Shaking And A Seizure

The major difference between a dog that is shaking and one that is having a seizure is mental awareness and coherency.

A dog that is shaking is completely coherent and responsive.

A dog experiencing a seizure is not able to respond to you in any way and is experiencing muscle seizing.

If you suspect your dog is having a seizure stay calm and contact your vet.

How Do You Stop A Dog From Shaking

Some shaking may be completely normal and harmless that doesn’t need to be addressed whereas other times it is a cause for concern.

The first place to start is trying to help your dog as well as finding the root cause of the shaking.

Determine if your dog needs fourth care either from a vet, behaviorist, or trainer.

Final Thoughts

When your dog starts to shake it may be alarming or something that you see on a daily basis.

Since every dog’s health, age and behaviors are different it’s hard to know the exact cause of your dog’s shaking without knowing everything about your dog.

You can evaluate your situation to try to pinpoint the cause based on the most common reasons why dogs shake.

As I will always say when in doubt contact your vet for a professional opinion.

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