is it normal for Pomeranians to follow you everywhere

Why Does My Pomeranian Follow Me Everywhere (7 Reasons)

If you have a Pomeranian you will know exactly what I am talking about, some Pomeranians are known to follow their owners everywhere.

I lovingly refer to them as my “Pomtourage”. Everywhere I go my three little fluff balls are with me.

They usually announce my arrival into the room.

Sometimes silently and other times with barking, growling playful sort of entrance.

We know they do it but, why do Pomeranians follow their owners everywhere?

Pomeranians are known for becoming very attached to their owners even following them everywhere they go. Most of the time your dog is enjoying your companionship, looking for food, attention, or wants to go outside.

Reasons You Pomeranian Follows You Everywhere

  • You have a clingy Pomeranian
  • You Pomeranian is more attached to you than anyone else
  • Pomeranians are lap dogs
  • You have a puppy or your dog is new
  • Food
  • Boredom
  • Your dog may want to go outside

Are Pomeranains Clingy Dogs

Pomeranians can be clingy dogs.

I don’t like to think of it as being clingy because that often sounds like a negative thing.

Pomeranians really enjoy the companionship of people and other pets.

Our little pack has various companionship needs.

Our males especially do not want you out of their sight. Our female on the other hand is a little more independent but, wants to know where you are. On her terms of course.

Pomeranians Often Pick A Favorite Person

I often think of the Twilight movies and the wolves imprinting on their mate when I think of Pomeranians and their selection of a person.

Your Pomeranian will love and enjoy the company of everyone in your family but, in most cases, your Pomeranian will pick a favorite person.

That person will be the one they follow the most often and the one they are most concerned with when you leave the house.

Pomeranians Are Perfect Lap Dogs

Even though Pomeranians were once hard-working dogs, the season has changed for the breed once Queen Victoria fell in love with Pomeranianss.

For generations, Pomeranians have been bred for companionship and even more so for being what we call a lap dog.

Lapdogs are extremely cuddly and close to their owners.

Just the term says, they like to lay on your lap or be right next to you.

This behavior has been bred into them and comes naturally.

If you are looking for a very independent dog breed, a Pomeranian will not be for you.

Pomeranians are the exact opposite of independent.

Your Pomeranian Is New To Your Home

If you have a new puppy or you recently added your Pomeranian to your home, it is natural for them to adjust to the new environment and seek out security in one person.

Your new dog may be replacing the companionship and trust that is had with its mom or littermates with you.

I always joke that I am my Pomeranains mother. Ever since they joined our family I have felt like they looked up towards me in that way.

I feed and care for them just as their mother would’ve.

Pomeranians Like To Eat

You may notice your Pomeranian following your everywhere because he or she is trying to get food.

My Pomeranians love to eat regardless of what it is.

Although we try not to feed them outside of regular mealtimes, they are always on the lookout for a treat or two.

why does my Pomeranian follow me everywhere

Your Pomeranian May Be Bored

If your Pomeranian is bored, it may follow you around the house for entertainment or just for something to do.

Your dog may want you to play with them and give them attention.

Your Pomeranian May Want To Go Outside

It may be because they need to go to the bathroom or it could be because they want to play and get some fresh air.

Your dog could be following you as a way to let you know it’s time to go outside.

Is It Normal For Pomeranians To Follow Their Owners

With some dog breeds, you may never expect your dog to get up and follow you everywhere.

Pomeranians on the other hand will most likely follow you around the house from room to room.

It is completely normal for a Pomeranian to become extremely attached to their owner and follow you around the house.

Final Thoughts

It’s honestly, one of the cutest things seeing three little fluffy Pomeranians follow me around the house.

Everyone says they know exactly where I am by just looking for the dogs, and if the dogs come running into a room they know I am right behind them.

They even follow me into the bathroom when I shower, it sounds silly but, my dog Murphy especially loves hanging out in the bathroom.

He gets excited when I grab my bath towel.

Are Pomeranians Good Family Dogs?

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