Why is my Pomeranian peeing everywhere

Why Does My Pomeranian Pee Everywhere (9 Reasons)

When your Pomeranian changes its urinary habits and starts peeing everywhere it can be frustrating as well as concerning.

Why does my Pomeranian pee everywhere?

Your Pomeranian may be peeing everywhere due to a lack of training, or behavioral issues like marking, submission, anxiety, and fear. As well as aging and medical conditions including urinary tract infections and bladder stones.

Why Is My Pomeranian Randomly Peeing Everywhere

There are a variety of reasons why your Pomeranian may start peeing everywhere.

  • Not Being Properly Trained
  • Medical Conditions
  • Marking Behaviors
  • Aging
  • Anxiety
  • Bad Weather
  • Changes In The Home
  • Excitement
  • Submissive Behaviors

Pomeranians May Pee Due To Lack Of Training

Young dogs will need to be potty trained between twelve to sixteen weeks of age.

Before your dog has been properly trained you can’t expect your dog not to pee everywhere.

Sometimes a slightly older dog that has already been trained may slide back into some bad habits of peeing in the house.

If this is the case, some additional training or reinforcing previous training concepts may be needed to remind your dog where they should be peeing.

Your Pomeranian May Have A Medical Condition Causing It To Pee

A medical condition can cause a well-trained dog to start peeing everywhere unexpectedly.

The number one medical condition that causes urinary accidents in dogs is a urinary tract infection.

Some other medical conditions that can cause urinary issues are bladder stones, diabetes, liver disease, Cushing’s disease, and kidney problems.

Dogs of any age can also develop incontinence.

Your Pomeranian May Be Marking It’s Territory

Both male and female Pomeranians will mark or spray their territories.

Marking and spraying is a natural instinct among canines as well as many other animals.

Your dog may smell the scent of other dogs that have visited the home or the scent of other dogs on your clothing.

In most cases when a dog marks its territory, it only lets out a small amount of urine at a time.

Pay attention to your dog’s urinating habits regarding how much they are urinating and what triggers the behavior.

Your Pomeranian May Be Aging

Losing bladder control is a part of aging for many dogs including Pomeranians.

Pay attention closely to your dogs’ behaviors and health conditions.

If you notice any changes including changes in their urinary habits, speak with your vet.

It could be aging or could be another medical or behavioral issue.

Pomeranians May Pee Everywhere Due To Anxiety

Your Pomeranian can experience anxiety or fear due to a variety of reasons.

Some of the main reasons for anxiety-induced urination are loud noises, being reprimanded, strangers visiting, and separation anxiety.

Pomeranians are known to experience separation anxiety which can include a wide range of destructive behaviors including urinating in the house.

Your Pomeranian May Be Peeing Everywhere Due To Bad Weather

Bas weather can contribute to behavioral changes in your Pomeranian including urinating in the house.

It could be a simple passing rain shower, thunderstorm, snowstorm, or extreme heat or cold.

Pomeranians May Pee Due To Changes In Your Home

Some Pomeranians are sensitive to changes in your home.

Even the smallest change can sometimes spark a behavioral response in your dog causing them to urinate in the home.

Big changes like getting another pet or bringing home a new baby are obvious reasons for possible changes in your dog’s behavior.

Some not-so-obvious smaller changes like getting new furniture, remodeling, or a simple change in your routine and schedule can also cause your dog to urinate in the house.

how do I stop my Pomeranian from peeing everywhere

Pomeranians May Pee Out Of Excitement

Your dog may pee when they are overly excited.

This behavior of peeing when excited is more common in puppies than older dogs.

Your dog may become overexcited when you return home when your dog greets another dog, when visitors come by, or when they are given their favorite treats or a new toy.

Your Pomeranian May Pee When It’s Being Submissive

Many dogs will show submission to their owners who they view as their pack leaders.

You may notice your dog rolling onto its back exposing its belly or urinating as an act of submission.

Even dogs that are in the happiest of homes may still exhibit submissive urinating.

Do Pomeranians Pee Out Of Spite

Although it may seem like it sometimes, dogs do not urinate out of spite or jealousy.

Instead, when it appears as if your dog is angry or upset with you, it’s most likely due to anxiety or a change that has sparked the urinating and changes in behavior.

Do Pomeranians Pee To Get Attention

It’s not common but, your dog can urinate for attention.

This type of behavior is not an instinct but, a learned behavior.

If you have been giving your dog lots of extra attention after they urinate they may learn that urinating gets them the attention they desire.

Why Does My Pomeranian Pee In House In Front Of Me

When your dog pees in the house in front of you it could be due to any of the different reasons listed above including excitement, anxiety, or marking.

How To Get My Pomeranian To Stop Peeing Everywhere

The first step in getting your Pomeranian to stop peeing everywhere is to figure out the reason behind the urinating behavior.

Is Your Dog Peeing Due To A Medical Or Behavioral Reason

The solution to your dog’s urinating will be very different depending on if it is a medical or behavioral reason causing the problem.

First, evaluate your home and lifestyle to see if there have been any changes that may spark anxiety, fear, excitement, or submissive behaviors.

Also, observe your dog to see if there may be an underlying medical reason or age-related changes.

If you suspect anything other than behavioral issues, it would be best to make an appointment with your vet.

If you think your dog has a behavioral issue, report back to additional training and extra bathroom breaks.

If that doesn’t help, seek a professional trainer and dog behaviorist if needed.

Final Thoughts

It can be extremely frustrating when your dog suddenly starts to pee everywhere.

Every dog is different and some small changes in your home or routine can cause Pomeranians to become anxious and pee everywhere.

Also, being aware of an aging dog or any possible health concerns or changes is always important in your dog’s health.

If you notice any other changes or are concerned, it’s always a good choice to visit the vet.

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