why does my Pomeranian stare at me

Why Does My Pomeranian Stare At Me (9 Reasons)

We’ve all had that moment when our dog is just staring at us, why do Pomeranians stare at their owners?

You Pomeranian will stare at you for a variety of reasons usually based on communication. Sometimes your dog is asking for something like food, attention, or a trip outside. Other times they are looking to you ars the leader for a cue on how to react.

Reasons Why Your Pomeranian Stares At You

  • Trying to figure out your mood
  • Requesting something from you
  • Communicating affection
  • Curiosity
  • Trained response
  • Waiting for your response
  • Confrontation
  • Your dog needs to go to the bathroom
  • You dog doesn’t feel well

Your Pomeranian Is Trying To Figure Out Your Mood

The main reason Pomeranians stare at you is to figure out your mood and the situation around them.

Pomeranians are people pleasers that want to make sure that they are responding correctly to your desires.

Your dog looks up to you as their pack leader, they are looking towards you for guidance and cues on how they should be acting in a moment.

You may notice your dog staring at your when they are unsure of the situation.

Our Pomeranian Murphy is constantly looking at us with a specific look on his face, trying to read the situation.

We currently have a puppy that is being trained, our oldest dog Murphy gets very concerned when we are giving little Duke instructions.

Murphy will stare at us intently searching for clues and trying to make sure he is not the one being instructed.

You Pomeranian Wants Something From You

Our dogs have lots of requests during the day.

They will let you know when they want food or something to play with.

Sometimes your dog will politely request something by just staring at you.

If your dog is asking for something you may also hear a little whimper or whining noise in an effort to capture your attention.

You should be able to read your dog’s body language personally enough to know if they want something.

Your Pomeranian Is Showing Affection When They Stare At You

Pomeranians are very affectionate little dogs.

They have been bred for many years as perfect companions and lapdogs that truly love being with their people.

If you have a Pomeranian it’s likely that they have selected “their person” and will follow their chosen person all over the house.

Staring at you and watching your every move is one way that your dog shows affection.

He or she wants to be available to you at any moment’s notice.

Pomeranians become so attached to their owners that they have been known to develop separation anxiety.

Pomeranians WIll Stare At You Because They Are Curious

The saying states “curiosity kills the cat” but, Pomeranians are just as curious as any cat that I have known.

The main difference between cats and Pomeranains is that Pomeranians are much more concerned with what you are doing or are about to do.

Cats on the other hand are extremely independent and don’t care as much about your lead.

Being the curious beings that they are, Pomeranians will stare at you as a way to learn more about you and the situation that surrounds them.

Your Pomeranian Stares At You Because They Are Trained To

When we train our dogs, one of the first things we do is train them to pay attention to us and look at us as their pack leader.

You can expect your dog to look at you seeking out your next instruction.

reasons why your pomeranian stares at you

Your Pomeranian Stares At You Looking For A Response

If anything happens around your or your dogs, your dog will often look to you to see what your response is going to be.

Dogs will often case their response on how their owner responds.

If you are on high alert your dog is going to notice that and be on alert as well.

Some Pomeranians Stare As An Act Of Confrontation

It is highly unusual for Pomeranians to be aggressive and confrontational but, it is possible.

A Pomeranian could stare at you leading up to an aggressive or confrontational moment.

You Pomeranian May Need To Go To The Bathroom

If your dog needs to go to the bathroom he or she may stare at you in an effort to get your attention.

As you get to know your dog’s personality you will be able to pick up on their signals for when they are asking to go out.

Each dog will do different things, one of my dogs will sit at the door where another rubs on your feet and ankles to go out.

Your Pomeranian May Stare At You When It Doesn’t Feel Well

If your dog doesn’t feel well it is possible that he or she will stare at you as a way to communicate that they aren’t feeling as good as they usually do.

What Should I Do When My Dog Stares At Me

The first thing you should do when your notice that your Pomeranian is staring at you is to try to figure out why your dog is staring.

I’ve noted above the main reasons why your dog could be starting by the process of elimination you should be able to narrow down the possible reasons why your dog is behaving in such a way.

In most cases, there really isn’t anything you need to do unless the behavior is causing problems or could potentially be an issue.

Should I Stare Back At My Dog

You’ve probably heard that you should never stare back at a dog when it is staring at you because that is an act of aggression.

While that is true, not all dogs are staring in an aggressive way.

You should never put your face right into a dog’s face, especially if you don’t know the dog well.

Why Do Pomeranians Stare At Your When You Eat

Of course, your dog may stare at you when you are eating because they are hoping that you toss them a little bit of your food.

In addition to the request and hopes for a treat, the action of staring at their pack leader during a meal is a natural instinct based on a canine’s original origin as wolves.

In the wild, the pack will stare at their pack leader while he or she eats as a sign of submission.

The remainder of the pack lets the leader take the lead and waits for any scraps.

Why Does My Dog Stare At Me When I Sleep

Your dog staring at you when you sleep will be due to many of the same reasons why they stare at you when you are awake.

In most cases your dog wants you to wake up so you can do something for them.

Get the food, take them outside or play.

What Does It Mean When A Dog Stares At You Without Blinking

Direct staring without blinking could be a sign of aggression.

It’s best to look for other indications that your dog may be becoming aggressive.

Why Does My Dog Stare At Walls

Most of the time your dog stares at walls is because they hear or think they hear something and are trying to look and listen closely.

If you notice your dog staring into space often and it’s responsive, it is possible that they are experiencing a seizure.

If you are concerned with your dog’s staring, it’s best to speak with your vet.

Final Thoughts

It can often be confusing when your dog stares at you.

Luckily, the majority of the time your dog is just trying to understand what you are doing, how you are going to respond or they are asking for something.

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